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September 20, 2016
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 Who am I? My name is Kenny T. and I’m a freshmen. I attend high school. I have a big family. Being a freshmen is so far so good. Therefore, I am tall and responsible for myself.


My life is good and happy. I have a good life because my family is very supportive. They always lecture me to not quit school and be successful. My life is happy because I have a girlfriend who helps me through hard time. I also have a good life, due to my smartness.


One of my favorite hobby is basketball. I like basketball because it contains accuracy and a lot of running. Basketball makes me stay in shape. Another thing about basketball that I love, it motivates me to never give up shooting the ball from far away. Another reason why I love basketball is because I like playing as a team.


In the future, I am looking forward to become a mechanic. The reason why is because I want to learn about fixing cars. Another reason is because I want to start my own shop and it’s interesting. Overall, I just find mechanic to be the most enjoyable thing to do.


To conclude, these are my goals, past, and present. As you can see, my life is good and happy, also one of my favorite hobby is basketball, not only that, my goal is to become a mechanic. Now that contains who I am today. 

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