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September 20, 2016
By SecretButterfly BRONZE, Sacrameneto, California
SecretButterfly BRONZE, Sacrameneto, California
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"Be the change you want to see in the world"- Mahatma Gandhi

Who really knows who they truly are? My name is Mariposa, I play volleyball, I have a huge family, and I love music and dance. My Family is who I would fight for no matter what. Video games are my brain teaser. Art is my stress reliever. Friends are who I will be loyal to. When I get older my future job will be an FBI agent. Therefore I am fearless and loyal.
My family are the people i will fight for no matter what. I have a huge family. But not all of my family are DNA related to me. Yes I am in in a foster home and yes I have been through many in the past, but that really doesn’t matter to me. Honestly for me, to have a family, it means that we love and care for each other and we are there for each other, not some scientific information about us having the same DNA. The family i am with and will be with for the rest of my life are my family and yes I do still love my real family and I still count them as family and do everything for them, but my family goes way deeper than DNA.

One way me and my family(mostly the boys) connect is through video games. Video games are my brain teaser. I love video games because they are fun and a great for me to spend my free time. Many people believe video games rot your brain but that’s not true. If anything video games improve your brain. It helps your reflexes and strengthens your brain. That’s probably why i like video games so much.
My other hobby besides Video games is art. I love art so much because before I couldn’t figure out a way to escape all the crappy things going on in my life so one day I was so sick of everything and  I wanted to break something but I knew that I couldn’t. I went through my closet and found a drawing kit i got for christmas and I started to draw what I felt and when I was finished I looked so beautiful that I started to draw more and more to where it just became a natural thing for me. So For Me art helps me express my feelings words and actions couldn’t.

Another thing that helps me with my emotions is my friends. They are always there for me and are able to talk to me no one else can. My friends that I have I will be loyal to till the day I die. We are a tight nit “family” you could say. If one of us is in a situation all of us are in a situation. We put us in  other people’s shoes so we can see where they are coming from and we take risks for each other.Yes I don’t have that many friends but the friends I do have I value more than anything and I will be loyal to thel until the day I die.

In the future I see for my future is that I will be an FBI agent and I will be known for line of work. I want to be fearless when I do my job, to be great at what I do. I want to be someone’s hero because I know i am doing something good with my life that can make a difference in this world and i think that if i am someone’s hero I am Influencing someone in a positive way. I can’t wait to get older and make this world safer for our future generation.

I am fearless and loyal. My family is who I will fight for. Video games are my brain teaser. Art is my stress reliever.  My friends are who I will be loyal to. My future job will be an FBI agent. Many people don’t know who they are at heart, I am still trying to find myself, but I know that I will do everything right to have a bright future.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece of work is my past. I want people to know me and not just asume who I am because of my past and my files.

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