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September 20, 2016
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I am Julian V. I am a son of a mom a dad and thee little sister. My favorite quote is by yoda “do or do not there is no try” also I love basketball because my dad never got to play so I want to live his dream also I play in a rec league  my team and I almost won but we lost in the semifinals division I didn’t get to play this year cause my parents didn’t have the money for me to play


My family is the people I would die for .my mother Is one of the best cooks that I know she has suffered through some hard times but even threw the hardest time my mother has persevered my dad is the most stubborn cause even though he is wrong he still think he is right I want to follow in my father's footsteps  and live a good life and have some kids of my own my three sisters are some of the sweetest girls I have meet  they always say my name so weird but besides that oh also my mom and dad always yell at me for playing video games they always tell me that i need to get out of the house and be productive or study some work for school.

I love watching tv cause it takes me away from all the drama and things about the real life another thing i like to do is watch comedy they are the things that make you laugh that won't talk about how you look or judge you for being you some of my favorite shows are like family guy or american dad they always make me laugh but my favorite movie is called taker cause my favorite actor is chris brown but he has a sad death in the movie.


In the future I would like to own a machon  with a super hot wife with my little girls I want to raise my kids right like how my mom and dad raised them I am going to take care of my mom and dad and god parents so that every night that we have dinner i will never not have family with me also I want to meet some celebrities so that I can say that I have meet them to my friends.

I'm funny and annoying. Sometimes I slack off, but if you give me some time you will get used to me and soon you will be family, too. 

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