Being Optimistic Is the Best Way to Go

September 20, 2016

The way I think of it is that being optimistic is the best thing that I’ve been doing. The key is to being optimistic is having hope. Hope is the best way to think of optimistic. I for one alway have optimism. The way to tell you what I’m talking about isn’t simple, but hey I’m an optimistic person. There was something happening to me when I was in the fourth grade, I was bullied by two other students. Hey I’m not to blame here just look at me there’s a lot of thing going on back then. During the first quarter of the school year I wasn't noticed. Then the second quarter came two students think they can bully me to the point where I was going to punch the in the face, but I didn’t.
There’s a lot going on at home and stuff like that but this became an extra thing in my life. What I did was I told my therapist to give me advice to stop the bullying. And what he told me was the best thing that ever happened to me. He told me that being optimistic was the way to go. Then I asked him what does optimistic means. He said optimistic means: hopeful and confident about the future. So the next day the two students tried to bully me again and they didn’t get the response they wanted. I gave them a speech I wrote after my therapy appointment.

You guys bully me trying to get me to get in a fight and what I have to say to you is that there’s always a way to know how to deal with bullying and that’s to talk with the bullies or ignore them. So I’m going to ignore you guys until the end of the school year.

And they stopped picking on me so. So that’s why being optimistic is the way to go!

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