September 15, 2016
By Anonymous

We can start making memories at the age 4 but still those memories are not properly stored so we end up forgetting them it is a phenomenon called childhood amnesia. It’s where you can’t recall things that happened when you were 10 years old and younger and thank fully I don't have that.

One of my first memories is my father coming home after a long day of work. Him just opening the door and cleaning his boots off and putting his power tools inside. 

I went to a school right across the street from my home and my mother would walk me to school.  At the time my brother went to a different school which I never understood as to why he went to another school when he was just a year older than me. At the age of 5 and him at the age of 6 we were separated for 5 days every week. I couldn't form close relationships with my family because my parents were always at  work but I understand that.


My older siblings weren’t really interested in playing with me because I was years younger than them so they found joy in stealing my toys to hide them from me. I had a beloved a stuffed animal of Barney the Dinosaur that they would steal and to this day I have absolutely no idea where it is. I would tell my parents about it and they would try to look for it but even they never found it.

I moved around a lot due to my Father’s job so I’ve been the new girl a lot. I would grow close to new friends them it was time to leave again. At one point I just stopped trying to make friends or being outgoing as a whole. I found solitude in libraries because books never leave you. You can always look for them in other libraries and every city has one. Books taught me many things like morals, facts, and how to compose myself.  In Elementary and Middle school I spent most of my time in the school library just reading or looking for a book to read. I would check out books everyday since I soon turned in to a fast reader and finish novels in one day or less. Also I was one of those straight A student who did their work and homework. I eventually got to meet some of my favorite authors some were shy but others were more outgoing.(Patrick Carman, Marissa Meyer, Kazu Kibushi, ect.)

When we finally came to in Washington not Washington DC but the one that has Seattle. We moved around three times  more in the state. Now is seems like we are going to stay here because my Father has found a stable job here. I've met new friends and we are pretty close but I really hope we don’t move again.This place is the best I have formed fond memories here of eating blackberries with my friends, playing tag or racing at the parks here, and getting second place in a contest.

So far I think I’ve been to at least 8 or 7 different schools and some of them have closed down because the buildings were too old and became a hazard. I’m still pretty shy and indulge in reading almost everyday.

The author's comments:

No matter where you go read a book.

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