The Game

September 15, 2016
By Anonymous

Just a few short years ago, I woke in a startle only to realize I was being consumed by my blanket that seemed to cast a warm ivory layer over my body. Trying to stay warm I realize it’s that morning, the morning of the game. The game I only attend once a year. Before I knew it I was over whelming my car with luggage anxiously waiting for my mom and only to hear the wholesome groan of the engine firing up, helping me realize soon I will be in Seattle. Next thing I knew me and my mom were once again on are way to Seattle ranting on and conversating about life and family. Each and every year we would always stop at a mall in Seattle, my mom would buy me some clothes, and we would sit and enjoy a nice lunch while mentally preparing and talking about the game.

This game was going to be extra special, I knew it would be. Finally, we were almost in Seattle I vividly remember the feeling of seeing those skyscrapers as they physical seem to scrape though the sky. As we drove through the city I could see all the people wearing their jerseys also preparing for the game. The thing is I had all this excitement and the game wasn’t till 6:00pm, we had loads of time to kill. So just like every year we went to the mall.

As we approached the mall I could smell all the satisfying food, as the smell crossed through my nose it was as if I could almost taste the delectable meal, making my mouth water for the Mongolian entrée I was about to encounter. it was finally time to spend some money, it seems we always go to the exact same stores every year, and buy almost the same type of clothes, the thing is it’s not just about buying clothes and eating good food. It’s about spending time with my mom, which is something I love to do. After shopping we decided to go to are hotel with only a couple hours to spare. I clearly remember looking up at are hotel, the feeling I got was so small, it felt as if I was almost microscopic. I was most definitely outsized by this colossal building, as we entered I felt this warm welcoming feeling as if I was back home again wrapped in my warm ivory blanket. We were finally ready to go!

Driving up to the stadium I could see everyone in there Mainers and Angel’s sportswear, it got me excited so excited I could almost jump out of my skin. We were in the stadium! Finally, I could see that perfectly shaped baseball diamond. The feeling was such a rush as I tried to look at everything at once, it seemed to give me a head ache I almost couldn’t contain myself. I wanted to get to are seat and watch the first pitch, so I could finally let out all my excitement.

There it went. The first pitch, I remember I could barely see It and next thing I knew I could hear the crack of the bat like, loud hickory breaking in half. It was a base hit for the angels, it was already getting late and I was starving, I remember being over whelmed with so many choices of something to eat with only so little time before I had to be back in my seat for the upcoming inning. Garlic fries, I remembered my friend telling me I had to get them and that they were delectable! So I did I went straight for the garlic fries I could smell the fries from a half mile away, it seemed I couldn’t get there any slower.

After we grabbed are seats again Albert Pujols was up to bat, I could sense something good was going to happen and to think this game couldn’t get any better. Albert swung with such a mighty swing his bat snapped in half and hurtled towards me down the 3rd base line and nearly hit the person a few rows down. It was the most exciting thing that happened that game. A few great innings later the game was over and me and my mom were rushing out to beat all the traffic, unfortunately we still got stuck in traffic for about 45min, it only helped me realize the real reason I was there. To spend time with my mom so for the rest of the trip that’s exactly what we did!

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