Love vs Her Body

July 29, 2016
By Anonymous

 This is the story about a girl who faced life with an unrecognizable face. Many came across her and many people remembered her, but not for the reasons she hoped for. If you asked someone the color of her eyes they would guess, “brown?”. Then they would guess “blue?”. Then after that, “Hazel?”. Then finally green. If someone were asked to describe her hair they would stare blankly at the questioner guessing “dark brown and curly or maybe straight?”. No one knows what this girl's top appearances are. But if they were asked if they knew anything else about how she looked, her body's description would be on point. They would know that her bra size is bigger than the average teenage girls, they know she has a butt that doesn't compare to those of her friends, and they know she has sculpted legs that only a dancer could have. They take out their cell phones and text her messages telling her she beautiful, but making sure they state that it is because of her body. They feel like they can touch her body, and face no consequences and when they do they freak out at her for getting pissed off. They feel like they get to take pictures of her in sexual ways and send them to her without her feeling like she is going to puke due to embarrassment but when she sits in her room wondering if a single person knows her eye color or what type of hair she has exists all she knows how to do is cry. This story is about a girl who was blessed with an ugly face and cursed with a “dream girl” body and all she wants is one person to love her for her not her lower exterior.

The author's comments:

I am a girl with green eyes and light blonde wavy hair..... most guys don't see it.

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