July 25, 2016
By h.stewart BRONZE, Wisner, Louisiana
h.stewart BRONZE, Wisner, Louisiana
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"People find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right."
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
- Quote by Albus Dumbledore

I learned long ago that life wasn't fair, nor could it be perfect. It all started when I found out about my mom's boyfriend. Now, you might be wondering why this "little" thing is so bad. You're probably thinking I should be happy for my mom since she had finally found love. Well folks, there's a catch as with any story or in my case, memoir. Drum roll please..........

My mom was still together with my dad at that time. I know it isn't so shocking, since it is sadly common these days and "Cheating" is the title of this memoir. People cheat all the time, doesn't mean it is right of course but it happens. It's the process of how the my parents separated that hurted me badly.

I have to admit everything was leading up to mom and dad splitting. The key word is splitting not divorcing, to this day they're are still trying to decide if they should or not. Dad says he will pay half and mom can pay the other half, and mom says that dad can pay for all of it if he wants it. Well anyways, they fought and yelled at each other alot after dad inevitably found out (You wouldn't understand how much guilt my ten year old self had at having to keep mom's "little" secret for a good while).

Dad eventually left after all the fighting. Mom moved us in as soon as she could into her boyfriend's house. I mean her boyfriend is a nice guy and all but at that time I hated him, and I thought it was torture living in the same house as him at first. My oldest brother, Casey, moved in with dad two years later.

Everytime I think about Casey moving in with dad, I think about that time I asked dad if I could move in with him. He told mom and a big fight erupted. Screaming and hollering that I could barely remember went on, but there is one thing I do remember about that day. My mom was screaming at dad with tears in her eyes and I remember her exact words, "She needs to stay with her mother!!!" After that, I never asked to live with dad again.

Cheating, adultery, infidelity, and whatever else it is called ruined my image of both my mom and dad. I hate yelling and arguing with a passion, because it reminds me of the worst times in my life. I don't like cheating (on anything) and I even vowed to myself that in the future, when I have kids that I would never turn out like my parents. Not only does cheating hurt you partner, it also hurts the people around it, even if they don't show it.

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