July 15, 2016
By alw21 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
alw21 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It was a wet drizzling day at SMU. The fields were solid mud except for the turf fields, but only the big kids got to play on the turf. We were slipping and sliding on the field. By the end of the games players were covered in solid mud.
The whistle blew, it was the start of our game. “Stick check” the refs called. Everyone got in a single file line in front of the ref. I was next in line, I handed her my stick. She put the ball in the pocket and rolled it back and forth to make sure it wasn't illegal. I smiled to show her that I had my mouthguard and she handed my stick back and I was ready to play. I went back to our team to do our chant. “Who are we, lake country. What are we gonna do, win. Why are we gonna win? To play again.” We made that chant just because it was a tournament and if we did win they we play again and again until championship game.
We broke apart onto the field. I was one of the three middies. We get to run the whole field while D and attack have restraining lines. I did the opening draw, the ref put the ball in between the two stick and blew her whistle. The ball went flying straight up in the air. I jumped up with one hand on my stick so it was extended higher in the air. The ball landed right in my pocket, brought it down and went into a cradle. I won the position and there was a wide open lane for me to shoot. I sprinted as fast as my little legs could run. The stick launched the ball into the goal, the whistle blew and motion her hands like a L shape. That was what they did when someone scored a goal in lacrosse. Back to the start again. I did the draw again, I got the ball again and cradled it with protection because this time my defender was playing really good D. I tried flying past her but she tripped me. My cleat got shoved into the mushy hard mud. I was panicking because I couldn’t get my cleat out. Thump, I fell to the ground. I thought I was fine until I tried getting back up. I couldn’t walk on
my leg. I Kept trying to push through the pain, my mind just kept on telling me to walk it off. I kept on trying and trying to walk but I couldn’t it hurt to bad. All I could here was my coach yelling “ref ref I got a injured player” She blew the whistle to stop the game. Oh great, now i’m making a big scene. The coaches got me up and by the time I got to the sidelines the athletic trainer was already there. I could have swore he asked me more than 50 questions! I was in so much pain I just wanted to tell him to be quiet and just give me some ice and then I will see how I feel. But I would never have the courage to tell someone that especially the trainer that was just trying to help me. So he told me I had a mild sprain on my knee, I shouldn’t finish the tourney so it can rest and maybe go see the doctor if your still in pain after two to six weeks.
The next day I woke up early to go to the store. Got myself and brace so I could play in the 9:30 game. I still hurt really bad, but I was the oldest player on my team and they all looked up to me like a big sister. I couldn’t let them down.

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