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July 14, 2016
By inz21 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
inz21 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am a ride person. I love rides. I love going to Great America and I ride most of the rides there. And I usually don’t scream, I usually just laugh. But there’s one ride I would never ride. I was really scared to go on it. It went really fast and it went straight up and went straight down backwards! I never thought that I would on it.
I went with my friends to Great America. I was so excited! We went on a couple rides and we got to the one I did not want to go on, at all. My friend tried to drag me to it, but I didn’t budge. All my friends really wanted me to go on it. They were all begging me. The ride was so tall! It was taller than Mt. Everest!
“It’s my favorite ride here!” My friend Max said. “You have to go on it.”
“I don’t want to, I’m scared,” I said
“Please Bella. I don’t want to go on it. Last time I went on it I was so scared and I screamed my head off,” my other friend Lindsey said.
“Fine, I’ll go on!” I said
“Yay!” They all said.
As we walk to the ride my stomach was twisting and turning. My legs were shaking. I was breathing really hard. I thought I would pass out. There was about a ten minute wait and I needed to calm down in that time.
“Lindsey, I am so scared.”
“I am too. This is my second time and I am still so scared, hopefully I don’t scream my head off again.” She laughed
I was so scared the people in front of us must have heard me talking all scared because they turned around and said, “You’ll be fine. It’s not as fast as it looks.” I didn’t really care what they said, I was still so scared.
Next, it was our turn. I hopped into the seat and buckled up. I was probably the most scared person on the ride. And there was a little kid, probably seven years old on the ride! I thought if he could do it then I could do it. The people walked around and checked if everyone was buckled.
When everyone was checked and buckled up, the workers went to the front and made sure everyone was out of the way. I was so scared at this point. I even asked if anyone got hurt on the ride! Of course they said no. I thought that maybe, probably that I would be the first!
The people working clicked the button and it went so fast up! And I started SCREAMING. Lindsey was laughing at me the whole time! The roller coaster went straight back down and went straight up. I was screaming so loudly the other side of the park heard! It went up and down a couple of times and finally stopped.
When we got of the ride Lindsey told me that she was laughing at me the whole time and I wouldn’t stop screaming. She told me she wanted to scream but she was too busy laughing at me. We were laughing all the way to the next ride.
Max asked, “Did you like it?”
I thought for a while. I really did like it, and I would go on it again. “Yeah, I did!”
Max and my brother, Ethan were on the same car we were on.
“Did you hear Bella screaming?” Lindsey asked laughing really hard.
“No.” Ethan and Max said together.
“How could you not?” Lindsey asked laughing. We all laughed and walked to the next ride! When we in the line for the next ride I was thinking to myself while looking at the ride I was just on, that there’s nothing really to be scare about. The engineers that made the ride made sure that you would be safe and you wouldn’t fall out. I was sure to go on it again some day!

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