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July 14, 2016
By amm223 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
amm223 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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While I was still in the orphanage with my sister I didn’t know how to speak english. Before today, November 7th, my sister said’’we're gonna be adopted. And so the next day my parents show up to us and I jumped on them and they both wore nice clothes. And I was so excited I jumped off the walls when we saw them in the orphanage. And I was 7 yrs old my dad tried to speak in english to me. And he said to me in  english’’do you know how to speak in english.But I didn’t know how to speak in english so I tilted my head sideways and put a frown on my face. To say hi to my dad the only way I could speak to my parents was to wave my hand to say’’hi’’ and he waved back to me to say ‘’hi’’.     
so we showed them both around our bedroom and dad sat on my bed and I said in latvian,’’hey that's my bed not yours but you still can lay there.’’ So there was a translator that could speak in english and in latvian without an accent. The translator was a lady. She said that in english to my dad and he said’’Ok thank you for letting me lay here. And I said in english with an accent’’sure’’. So than my sister who was 8yrs old said “let's go to my room,” and we went and followed her.
We left latvija to come here on december 12/01/10

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