July 9, 2016
By DiyaP. BRONZE, Parsippany , New Jersey
DiyaP. BRONZE, Parsippany , New Jersey
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      Everything changed that day in third grade. Before I get into the details lets take it back to the beginning. In third grade, I had the best of friends and there wasn't a care in the world. But, in late December and early January I started to notice that one by one my friends were turning on me and going to the "dark side". Then I realized that they were all going to Zeel and Valerie. At first I thought that the other girls Zeel and Valerie were cooler than me and dressed better. But that day I found out something, something that took the course of my third grade year in the other direction and changed everything. But first I need to explain to you why these two girls had done this to me. Well, first off Zeel was someone who never liked me and she told me that but it never really bothered me but Valerie was my friend (at least I thought) but she was the type that would turn on you in just mere moments. This Zeel knew and he used it to her advantage. So,  I guess she told Valerie a bunch of made up stuff about me and Valerie seemed to believe it. So the two of them ganged up on me and started to bully. But I kept quiet and the day, the day when my very last friend in the third grade turned on me and became a bully I kept calm, didn't show weakness and told myself that they would come back. Then I realized that its fine cause I still had Ruth. Ruth was my best friend I met her when I was four and we just clicked, she eventually became my rock. So for a period of time I only hung out with her and gave the situation some time. During that period of time I was still getting bullied and as time went on things got worse and by February almost every girl I had known was acting like as if  I was non-existent. No one would play with me at recess or invite me to their birthday parties.They also called me some mean names such as weirdo, or miss.zero. I had ask the teacher to help but no one seemed to care and I just felt like I stuck out and was different. The girls were against me and it just seemed like I would never be able to fight it off.And in third grade all girls still think boys have cooties so I didn't play with them either. So basically I played with no one because I was that classic little girl who said boys have cooties and wouldn't touch them. Little by little I became and loner and very depressed. To help me Ruth told me to stand up and call attention to the issue, stop being the victim yet I was skeptical. Until a month or two later when I finally decided to call attention to the issue and stop being the victim and I stood up to the bullies. I told them that everything they were doing impacts someone (in this case it was me) and their words do hurt. After that, it took some time for me to become less of a loner and more social but I eventually got new friends people who knew I existed. After I stood up to the bullies they never bothered me again and I made sure never to feel vulnerable again. All in all this experience taught me that no one can attack you unless you allow them to and I also learned that true friends stick with you thought thick and thin (and my "friends" were not true). I would like to thank Ruth for helping me gain my confidence back and teaching me to stand up to anyone. Also, as odd as this sounds I would like to thank the two bullies because if they hadn't called me weird or different I still have been shy and quiet today so they taught me its okay to be different (which I am).

The author's comments:

This is a true story about events that occured in my life. I hope that if you are going through a similar experience in your life that maybe my memoir (even though its not the best written) can help you and maybe inspire you to stand up and call attention to it. 

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