February 7, 2009
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Im just trying out the whole blog thing and seeing how it goes,so I am going to write whatever is on my mind. Alright here it goes it seems that in life that the untangeable is always the more desireable. Why?People always seem to seek the impossible or unreachable and this seems to trickle into all areas of life jobs,romance,objects,goals,lifestyles. We all want something we cant have the more unattainable the more engimatic the more it appeals, it is the thrill of the chase the rush of wanting .Anybody who claims otherwise that they never go for the impossible or stupidily chase a whim or a fantasy is the biggest liar and hypocrite in the world. So the question is all the harboring of thoughts and feelings bad for you? Hazardous to your health or psychie? Or is the thrill of the chase the and the knowledege of waking up and still wanting something badily enough good for the soul? Are the things that keep up the pace up in the chase the people,the dreaming,the place, the whatever worth it ? I don't know but one thing I do know is I like a good chase, maybe even a little too much.

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cobainthedoors said...
Feb. 19, 2009 at 11:39 pm
I forgot to remove the whole blog thing from the intro. I had it on myspace and was my first blog, so I forgot about that part.I feel like a complete
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