The Night

October 5, 2014
By heycallmemoriarty GOLD, King George, Virginia
heycallmemoriarty GOLD, King George, Virginia
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You are ugly. I am afraid of you. You come and steal my life away. You are the driver behind my pain and loneliness. I hate you because you know me better than anyone else. You leave me panting and alone, driving me to insanity. You are the terror living in my soul. I hate you because the things that are said in you cannot be said in your opposite. I wish to not be alone. Things take a deeper meaning with you, and true feelings are shared. Hearts are broken, poured out, made glad. Minds are tested and broken.

People die in you. Suicides and murder. You are a psychopath intent on destroying anyone and everything in your path. Addictions are nursed and created in your inky presence, and words are created in your time. Lovers meet and lovers part forever in your vast body.

You are beautiful. You create images that play my mind and give the desperately sought for silence. You have a stunning entrance and forgiving exit. The colors that you bring are more luxurious than the rose. Swirls of dark blue and bright starlight light my way through time. Animals dance in your cloak, protected by the invisibility that is bestowed. The falling rain tries to calm my racing mind, and the snow offers a promise of freedom.

You are my fiercest hate and greatest love.

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