My Reality

October 28, 2008
Connecting my life to the reality somehow. or should i say, observing and relating and changing. as i sit here, i ponder all of my memories, i see the people around me and the personalities of people. it hits me after viewing immaturity,selfishness,no hearted people, that i am one of these people. i demanded a change in my life immediately. i observe and observe and think to myself, "how can i change this?" i cant just stop hanging out with my friends, i cant just change my reputation in a blink of an eye. my personality is changing, i can feel it.
i know that i have the urge to get something new and exiting in my life. some say i am growing up and maturing, maybe so, but all i know is that a big change is going to occur. feeling the dwelling inside my spirit, the tears roll down my clueless and worried face. "am i overreacting" i ask myself, am i going through a phase, the kind that feels so new to you, you don`t know how to react. crying with the thoughts in my head, simply clueless but moving along. this is my life, this i smy reality.

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