No Reasons Why

April 27, 2014
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I don't think that loving somebody is based on how many thing you like that you can name about that person. I think it's about not being able I really name anything. When you're asked, "why do you love them?" And you reply, "I don't know... I just do." That's what I see love as. Love is an invisible piece of someone that only presents itself for certain people. They don't choose to see it; they are just supposed to. If love were based on naming things you like about someone, you could love anyone. Just find the positives within anyone or everyone, really, and that means you could love them. But that's not love. Love is more special and unexpectedly hits you whether you want it to or not. It's not about likes and dislikes. You can dislike hundreds of things about someone and still love them. Love doesn't make sense, it's not supposed to be figured out. You don't love somebody just because you want to or because you have a lot in common with them. You love them just because you do.

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