Where The Wind Takes Me

March 26, 2014
By Adel13 SILVER, Pasco, Washington
Adel13 SILVER, Pasco, Washington
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When the wind blows it carries me away with it. You can see the wind as if there are strands of spider webs flying along the sky. In an instant it attaches to my body and carries me away. I’m dreaming in ways I’ve never imagined before. Within the clouds along the sea we go. A whale letting out water for oxygen splashing the water with its tail for good luck, the whale returns to the sea following the waves flowing with the wind. The sea splashing along the shore with a twirl once again back into the sea. I don’t know where the wind is carrying me, I don’t care. I am one with the wind; I am complete with all that it has to offer me. The day is almost coming to an end but the wind is not done traveling. It whispers in my ear making me sleepy I am calm I feel as if I’m flying along the sky. I am dreaming of a magical place far away from civilization there is food waiting for me and a nice comfy bed. I can see the ocean right outside the window looking down and see the beautiful sea as creatures swim by. I see mermaids in plain view swimming, some waving waiting for me to join them. They are wicked creatures who can sing a man to his death; I heard that mermaids can sing a man to his death if they chose to. Not all Mermaids are wicked but sometimes it takes one thing to make them snap.

I remember this land as it has been in my past dreams. I was a little girl running the halls but one day some big men came and carried me away from this land, the mermaids wouldn’t let it happen so they started singing and the men started falling for their spell. One of the Mermaids grabbed me and touched a whale’s tail for good luck! The mermaid stuck me in the whale’s mouth and away I went after that it was black. I remember sitting there crying, a lady came out and took me into her arms as if I was her own. Her face I remembered from before. Not knowing where I’ve seen her face, I trusted her with my life as she carried me in. I’ve lived with her for many years and she called me her daughter and I called her my mother, together we were strong until one day she disappeared.

When I was little she told me to listen to my heart and it will take me to her, she told me to believe in myself and not to listen to anyone else, she told me that everything in my heart is true and only to listen to my heart.

Suddenly I awoke to a familiar voice quietly calling my name. It was my mother, she told me that I am alright that no one is going to hurt me, that I am safe in her arms. I am in a comfy bed I hear the sound of the ocean, I am home. Safe and sound, I ran out of my room down the halls out the front door into the ocean I began swimming with the mermaids, they grabbed my hand, taking me, leading me to the whale as they pointed at the tail I touched it for good luck and went on my way.

I thought this land was unreal that it all was folk tale because everyone told otherwise. There is no such thing as lands far away with a castle still standing and mermaids are not real! People told me that I must have a very big imagination to speak crazy non-sense and that the stories I tell are folk tales. That everything I believed in as a little girl was pretend and that I saw what I wanted to, every day I closed my eyes and imagined a place far away from civilization with sea creatures swimming by where mermaids sing their melodies and whale’s splash their tails to make waves… Where everything is peaceful and there would be no one to bother me. A place where I can go and get away from crowds of people, where no one can disturb me from doing what I want, where every day is a day spent in paradise. A place I can go do whatever I please, a place where no one can judge me, a place where every day is sunny with blue skies, a place where I can speak my mind and no one will judge me.

Days as sunny as summer where it never rains, days where I can sleep as long as I please, days where everything is peaceful as a breeze. Everything is so peaceful, nobody is yelling at me, telling me what to do. A place where I can stay as long as I please without going crazy, I always feel welcome and not be judged for the things I do. Away from civilization, away from all the wackos driving their fancy cars, and with weird people hiding within the walls waiting for their pray. Days where I can be anything I want and nobody cares what I do. Unknown places waiting to be explored by me, no one is going to stop me from doing what I love. A place where everything is within my grasp and nobody can take it away from me! A place where very little people live, who trust one another living a worry free life. Days of endless singing with my people, one song after another it never grows old. Everyone works with one another getting everything done fast. It amazes me how much everyone can accomplish working with one another. The breeze of the wind is peaceful and nurturing. The wind has many powers some kind, wise. I can’t wait for where the wind takes me next…

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