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My dog, Zoey.

January 21, 2014
By JennaNelson BRONZE, Barnwell, Other
JennaNelson BRONZE, Barnwell, Other
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I was really freaking out. Her blood was smeared all over my forearm. Tears streaked down my face as I gently pet my shaking dog. I was scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Earlier that morning my mom and older sister had left to go to High River to help with the flood relief. A few hours later, my dad left for work, leaving me to babysit my two younger sisters.

I put my youngest sister in her stroller and latched Zoey’s leash onto her collar. We were just doing a quick walk around the block. Nearly to the school, I looked behind me and shrieked. A larger dog ran up to Zoey (I assumed it was just going to sniff her) and grabbed her by the neck! Another dog came rushing up to watch “the fight”.

Lucky for me, the dog’s owners were close by. By the time the owners ran across the street to get their dog, Zoey was pretty shaken up, and I mean literally. The dog was shaking Zoey! By now, I was screaming and pulling on Zoey’s leash (which in retrospect probably wasn’t helping, just hurting Zoey’s neck).

The owners of the dog were really nice. There was a girl and a guy that looked like they were in their mid-twenties. The lady helped me to examine Zoey for her battle wounds. We could only see a scratch at the back of her neck. Also, she had lost quite a bit of fur. What had concerned me the most was that I had blood all over my arm. There was no way that was from the scratch on her neck. The lady kept apologizing as I sobbed and cuddled my dog.

I walked home trying to control my “hystericalness”. Zoey still seemed pretty freaked out, so I carried her and tried to push Macy in the stroller with my hips. I finally got home and cleaned up the blood from Zoey’s neck and my arm. I called my grandma and grandpa to come over and help get Zoey washed up. Since I hadn’t stopped crying, I definitely needed the help.

Once my mom had gotten home, we started to notice that Zoey was limping! After carefully checking her again we found another scratch, between her chest and right front leg. We immediately drove to the vet. I felt like it was my obligation to be there if the veterinarian needed more information, but mostly for Zoey.

The vet said Zoey was going to be okay! She said that our favorite pooch would get tired and sleepy more often for the next bit. She also gave Zoey some medicine. But over all she was going to get better!

I’m so glad Zoey’s okay!

The author's comments:
A short, and frightening experience for me.

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