Say Goodbye.

January 26, 2014
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It’s not always easy to say goodbye, especially when nothing on your side has changed. Still in love, still want nothing more than to just be with them; still feel at home in their arms. It’s hard to put an end to something that you completely still want. But just because it’s hard and you still want it- maybe even feel like you need it- goodbye needs to happen. If things have changed for that person- they don’t’ feel at home with you, if they don’t just want to be with you, if they simply just don’t love you any longer- and they continue to drag you along to spare your feelings, then you have to do the deed. It’s actually for your own good in the long run. You have to work up the strength to actually stand up and confront them, which is actually not as easy as it seems. Yeah, it’s just saying words to someone you feel comfortable with and tell most everything to already. But they are hard words to say. They mean you have to give up on and willingly let go of the person you truly love. This is difficult and can be very emotional, but it’s still not the hardest part of the process. Afterwards is where the pain sets in and you really start to hurt and you can feel your heart physically break. Weird, since it’s an emotional thing, but you will feel it physically. Then every second of everyday for quite a while you will regret what you did and debate whether you should go back or not, but you shouldn't. In most cases, if you go back it probably won’t work out again and that time you used to go back could have been time used to just move on.

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