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January 10, 2014
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Don’t you just want to learn all the languages? Isn’t language the very being, the very heart of a nationality or culture? Don’t you feel like a native when you twist your tongue in foreign utterance? I do, I want to read and read and read until I know everything about everything. I want to know the deepest thoughts you have had and the reason on why you had them, I am in a constant and never ending quest for reason. What divides people, why do they behave differently, what craziness, what beauty resides in every creature which is dwells on earth. There is so much to know, so much to soak. Don’t you really want to know people, like actually know them, because the deeper you dig more treasures you find? Aren’t the most silent, the most understanding the most fun. Are some of them actually just hypocrites or just really dumb, or is it just an act, a sham? I want to know and I want to write about what I know. I want to read to know what others know. I want to be on a journey of discovery and appreciate people for their uniqueness and I want to believe and trust.

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