down in west Virginia

December 12, 2013
It should have been a great summer, but it it was terrible. I thought I was going to stay up night after night and play video games, have parties and watch rated r movies, but no I had to go to west virginia. My Uncle John’s house and my uncle john are awesome, but there’s one problem down there: there was no internet so no facebook, youtube,xbox live!! How was I supposed to survive? It’s like putting a kangaroo in New York City, it doesn't adapt.

It was an 11 hour car ride to the Deep South. It was an ok car ride because I went through Detroit and saw someone get beat up and saw some gangster. Going through Cleveland was alright, but we stopped at a Red Lobster and it was awesome! Five hours later we arrived but, thank God, my brother packed the xbox and a mini flatscreen. So, I went down there for two weeks.and it was great!

We ate so much good food while on our trip. We had lobster, turkey and really anything you could think of to eat. We went to the mall and we bought so many souvenirs. Also, my aunt and I made homemade spicy mustard and it made the best on sandwiches!

So, it was time to leave and I was sad to go. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and my uncle invited me to come stay next summer with him. It was awesome staying with my uncle and cousins. On the way home I slept most of the car ride home. Then, I sat up in my seat and played on my ipod for about 2 hours until I got home. So, after all of that it turned out to be an amazing summer!

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