You Know My Name Not My Story

December 12, 2013
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The one time that really changed my life was when I got a dirt bike. It was white and black and I had it for two years and I rode it just about every day. One day I realized I that a four wheeler would be more fun. I thought this because I figured that i would be able to go through more mud and I would be able to go through the woods better.
So one day I sold it to one of my friends and after I sold it to him one of his friends came over and he was riding. They had a good ideal to jump his dirt bike is and he crashed and cracked his dad’s helmet. But anyway, one day my dad and I where going fishing and right there was a four wheeler. The next day I talked him into going to see if the four wheeler was still there, so we went and it was.
I was happy but it turned out that my dad and the guy knew each other the guy wanted three hundred dollars and I offered him two hundred dollars for it and he said if he didn't no my dad he would not of done it.So I did it and i took it home and I got it running and drove it for a long time. I did this until it started over- heated. Then I sold it for as much as I got it for. Then i got a lawn mower the first one I had I killed it then I got another one and babied it. Now i have atv tires, locked transmission, and a fourteen horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine in it.
Then I have one more that i'm fixing up its got high and low rang a sixteen horsepower Briggs and Stratton. I found this one in the junkyard and it was pretty beat up. now its starting to look like a real mudding mower. I cant wait until I have it all done and actually mud with it.

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