openig day

December 12, 2013
Last year when I was hunting on opening day,I was sitting in my blind for like 3 hours and i was getting bored. I was thinking “come on deer!”. Thats when a 6-point walked up to my bait pile and I was excited that i finally saw a deer. So, I grabbed my gun and looked into my scope and saw the 6 point and it was eating the apples that i had in a pile. Therefore, I grabbed my buck call and pressed it and the buck looked up and looked at me.
I shot and when I shot it, it did a backflip in the air and flew in the air about 2 feet! It landed on its back, so I set my gun down and walked out to the deer. I was thinking “How sweet, I got a good shot!”. I walked back to my house and got my dad and told him I got a deer! He said,”Good job, Bud!” Then I went back out to the deer and started gutting it after that we dragged it to the truck and threw it in the back.
The next day, we took it to Jurek’s Meat Market and they started cutting it up into jerky, hamburger, and pepper stick. Then Chris the owner said he will call when its done. We went on our way. Two days later i got a call from Chris Jurek and he said its done. We drove over to Jurek’s and got all the meat and put it in the truck. I got home and put it in the freezer. The next day we cooked it in Drake’s Mix and put it on the grill and it was really good! Having that kind of food that I hunted makes it that much tastier.

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