July 4, 2013
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When I was a kid, I believed in sunsets and called them God. I had nicknames for the sunrise, too. Sometimes it was heaven, sometimes it was hell. I hated waking up early in the morning, but the beauty of the sky was worth every breath I'd ever breathe.

Daily routines? They weren't my thing. I believed in adventures, I believed in kaleidoscopes. Everything was different from every angle. And that was how I saw the world. The earth was never round, but it was never square. I might not have known what gravity was, but I knew everything was held together by threads of air. I guess that was enough to let me know I'd be planted to the ground. But the first airplane I ever flew on, confused me to the point that curiosity was shaking inside my bones. I asked my father why the threads of air didn't work in the sky, and daddy mentioned something about a man named Bernoulli and his Principal. I didn't much care for the story because I got lost at the part where dad explained something about high and low air pressure.

My mother told me about war one time, and how people fight for our country. I was scared of war. I realized sunrises were only heaven, and that war was actually hell.

Then I always use to wonder how I would grow up. Would I be tall like dad, or tiny like mom? I thought maybe, that we all grew up by rotating the kaleidoscope. When we saw things from different point of views, we would grow an inch or two. So I decided I'd never look at anything from another angle, I was scared to grow up and pay the bills. Mother said only adults pay the bills, and bills seemed like a lot to handle. I decided that was something mother could do for the rest of her life. Peter Pan was my favorite movie, mostly because I thought of all the joy I'd find when I left the world behind and bid all my cares goodbye. I'd always sing that song.

I loved to sing. I loved to dance. I loved to pray to something I couldn't see and believe it was real. I believed in God with all my heart because I knew he'd keep mom and dad safe if anything ever happened to them. I don't know if batman believed in God, but if he did, he had a great reason to. God would keep his parents safe too.

When I grew up, I thought I knew who my greatest love was. But I searched forever, waiting for him because he said he'd be there waiting for me. He was never there, and I never found a place called "forever". I guess I didn't look hard enough, or maybe he got lost too. After that I realized love was for people who couldn't live without each other. I guess my mom and dad were my greatest loves. I'm not really sure, but I think I know what it means now.

Growing old wasn't too bad, and gravity was a concept I later grasped on to. I still believe in God now, but there were days where I'd question my beliefs. I guess it made my faith stronger. I guess a lot of things made me stronger. Maybe it was because even after the sun set, I believed heaven would arrive in the morning.

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