One Wizarding Family; Five Different Houses

June 18, 2013
One wizarding family, five different houses; all traveling together linked by the bewitching blood that ran within. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and a representative of the whole of Hogwarts, these five had set out on an adventurous journey that had dazzled their souls. Entranced by the world of J.K. Rowling, these five soared off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios on their four Nimbus 2000’s, and one Nimbus 2001, this past December! Spellbound by the sorcerous story of the boy who lived, years swept by, movies were made, the fanfare had started, but underneath this promised silver lining, there lay hopes of a world within the mortal world, a fantastical world overflowing with imagination. At last. The world had created into existence, a place where this one wizarding family could fit in. At last.

Five times cursed. Five times sealed. The days had passed by, my future still uncertain. Although my heart was set, set on the place where my paradise had existed. But, time was too short, and time was running out, wasted by indecisive talk. I had worked so hard for this. Now, my poor withered mind and I were sitting on my unmade bed in my unwound room, contemplating what to do the rest of my winter break. Abruptly, my door slammed open, and my two little brothers came in squealing. I swear they were illuminating with some otherworldly power. My tired eyes couldn’t take it. Well, until they jumped me and screamed that we would be going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My heart soared. We. Were. Going.

Two days blurred past as we, the famous five, were traveling to Florida State where, finally, all our dreams would become reality in seconds. Excitement tore at the seams of our soul. Giggles and chirps. Our trusty Betsy (which was, of course, the name of our compact-emerald colored ford) was bouncing and running speedily to Florida, not minding the road or occasional rough weather. Life was perfect.

As soon as we checked into the gigantic castle like hotel, apparently called Westgate Palace, we crashed onto our beds. My dad was exhausted from driving, my mom was exhausted from giving my dad directions, and my two brothers were exhausted from chattering like chipmunks the whole way. And I, I was simply exhausted for the sake of being exhausted.

We bought a seven-day pass to Universal Studios, and on top of that, of course, a ten-day pass to Walt Disney World. Sure, we were Harry Potter crazed muggles, but we were always loyal to our Disney. The adventure had begun!

Disney had flown by, the ten-day tickets slipped out of our fingers like crystallized sand flowing slowly out of the broken hourglass, but that was all soon tossed away and forgotten as we neared the colossal stone gates of Hogsmeade, the entrance of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Cloaks were worn. Ties were tied. Buttons were buttoned. Fierce winds blew that first day, the winter weather was chilling, but the masses of people provided uncomfortable warmth. None of this mattered once we had entered; the harmonious crescendos sifted through the air and we were there, with Harry, Hermione, and Ron right beside us.

I couldn’t decide which way I wanted to go. Everyone was everywhere. So, I just stood there. Right in the middle of things. Right in the middle of the crowd. Right in the middle of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Brilliant. Muggles were all around me. And I, I was a wizard.

Ollivander’s Wand Shop came first, for obviously a wizard needs a proper wand! Greeted by a spectacular show of a wand choosing a soon-to-be wizard, the crowd was quickly led into a small, musty room filled with owls, scrolls, and wands. So many there were, so many wands, so many sizes, so many. But, one wand chose me. Green with ivory vines wrapping the core with led upward until they had soothed into the wand itself, the wand was light, yet sturdy, unwavering.

After grabbing a quick cup of Butterbeer, freezing Butterbeer in freezing weather, we went to stand in a line that seemed to stretch till the edges of the Earth that led in Dervish and Banges. Because we’re wizards, right? (We don’t catch colds, so this cold weather means nothing!) But, once inside, the time spent in line seemed worth the wait. Brooms floated along the walls, there were stacks of messy papers dripping, inky scrolls, Rememberalls, cloaks; everything a wizard would need. Awe-struck.

Zonkos; chromatic, giggle packed, and wacky. It was attached alongside HoneyDukes, the place for sweet galore. Chocolate frogs, pink Pigmy Puffs, and thousands of crazy pranks, tricks, and fun, I kept on expecting Fred and George Weasley to apparate in front of my eyes! Next, my eleven-year-old brother and I had zoomed off to the Dragon Challenge, a roller coaster that twisted, looped, and crossed it’s two coasters side by side. Mind-Blowing, to the lungs and the stomach! Sickeningly enough, we couldn’t stop riding it!

Afterwards, we took a spin on Hagrid’s Hippogriff Challenge, a small coaster, which my mother and my youngest brother, who was seven, loved! Buckbeak was there too! But, the real excitement approached when we had entered Hogwarts itself! We walked through the corridors inside of the castle for the Forbidden Journey, which was one of the best-simulated rides in the history of simulated rides. It was just that awesome. We stared at awe at the Fat Lady, the Mirror of Erised, the gigantic golden Hippogriff, the talking portraits of the four founders of the team houses, Dumbledore’s office, and Dumbledore himself! I was unable to grasp that realization that I was really there at Hogwarts, at last.

Time transpired. Our days were running out. It settled on all of us as a sticky coating of melancholy when it was our final and last day. We clicked thousands of pictures, for us to reminiscence of when we got back home, which we did. We clicked of the whimsical shows at “Hogsmeade Square”. We clicked every window, every corner. We clicked of the violin which had self played the pieces of Harry Potter, or of Hermione’s moving gown, which she had worn to the Yule Ball. We even clicked of the screaming child Mandrakes, but luckily these were not fatal, and we didn’t faint like Neville had in Herbology!

The last treat before the day had ended was that we eat in the Three Broomsticks. It felt like a proper goodbye. When we ate there, it didn’t feel like we ate there. It felt like we were discussing how unfair the teachers could be with homework, or the latest piece of news on how horrible Slytherin did last Quidditch match, or how Professor Snape was always up to something, which he was. But, the experience was amazing. The food was fresh, medieval time-like but yet, still fitting into the whole theme of magic. It was delicious. And, I could catch glimpses of the shadows of elves or owls, or see the infamous Hogshead move! But, what really struck a chord was how homely the whole place looked. A perfect picture.

That was it. It was all over, our years of waiting, of hoping. Done. But, I knew that we were only parting for a while. For places and people meant to be always found each other again. It was just a small goodbye. And, as we traveled back home, back to our cozy little space in this world,
I smiled as I ran through the memories that were made. Because even if Muggles were all around me, I, I was a wizard.

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