Waiting for Rain

June 28, 2013
By , Lewiston, ME
There was only one thing that could be said about the weather that day: it was hot. But it was not just any kind of hot. It was the kind of heat that went deep inside of you and made even the inside of your toes hot. As a young child, my only care in life was playing outside. I woke up every day anticipating the game of tag I would play later. This summer was different. It was the hottest summer I have ever seen in my short four years of life. When I stepped outside, the heat was suffocating. The earth was arid and gasping for a drop of water. I looked up at the sky and the sun looked like it was right above my head. Everything was eerily silent except for the dry wind whispering, “Water, water, water…” I closed my eyes and help my tiny hands together and made a prayer. I said, “Dear God, it me. I just wanted to thank you first for giving me food to eat and a place to live. I also want to thank you for making me taller this year. I just want to ask you for a small favor. Can you please make it rain just a little? Just enough so it is not so hot and I can play outside with my friends. That is all I want.” After I made my prayer, I sat by the window and waited for the rain.

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