My Dog Lala

June 15, 2013
By christy96 BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
christy96 BRONZE, Randolph, Massachusetts
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I remember it like it was yesterday. "Ahhhhh... she's so cute" I said running towards her when my brother bought her to visit. She could actually fit into the palm of your hands. "I never want her to grow" I said cuddling her. ( two years later) "Lala get off of me your not small anymore you over grown wolf." I had a lot of memories of me and Lala. One of them was that every time it would snow I would always take her out in the back so she could use the bathroom and when she was done she would turn around and look at me knowing what I'm gonna say she would walk towards me and when I would reach for her collar BAM!!!!!!!! She was gone. The gate was closed but she would squeeze her body under and run. She knows that she's fast that's why she would do it. "Lala come on lets go inside it's cold!" I would yell. I followed her paw prints until I find her trying to blend in with the snow because her coat is half white.

"Yeah I see you get inside now!" I say lifting my feet up and down as if I was in a marching band. As I watched her eat the snow and hear her make those little sneezing sounds I laughed and decided to jump in with her. Throwing snowballs at her she would try to eat them mid air. "Alright, come lets go." I said with a little shiver. As we walk into the kitchen she starts to shiver and I quickly grab something to keep her warm. "That's what you get for playing in the snow." I look at her and pat my legs and she jumps on me and TRIES to lick my face. "Good girl, now lets go to bed."

<3 (mama loves you)

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