June 7, 2013
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I woke up in my Blue Room with white clouds and toys everywhere, and walked to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice, the one with no pulp, when I heard a deep voice (.) "Good morning Chris", it said, followed by the sound of breaking glass. I looked at him cautiously. He was a tall black man with a black shirt, cargo shorts with white and blue adidas slippers. I said to myself, who is this man in the house this is definitely not my father he doesn't sound or look like that. My father is 5 foot 11 his name is Richard and he has a light voice, he shares a room with portia his wife and my mom. Their room was white with a king size bed with a 32 inch Samsung TV and the room is very tidy.
1 month early......
It was a regular day when I got up my mom Portia just finished making us breakfast, it was bacon, eggs and waffles, my dad Richard was in the living room watching TV. On each side of the wall there were bookcases and the couches were lined up around the television center. Then my mom said, "Breakfast is ready" and we all went to the kitchen table and sat down. There were three plates the first place was with eggs, the second one is pancakes, and the third one is bacon.
But there was no orange juice so my dad said, " I will run to the corner store ". I then ask could I come and he said no.
This was the first time he said no to me. It was like the whole world pause around me and in my head I was like he must be joking. But he was gone by the time I came back to reality.
Richard walked to the store and he decides to cut through the alley to get to the store faster. He gets to the store and buys the biggest orange juice for $3, then has to wait on a line with a couple kissing, in front of them there was a old woman who was taking her time, but after 10 minutes of waiting he finally gets to the register and then leaves . On his way back John a fat black guy that only cares about girls and money wearing full polo outfit tells richard, “Give me all the money you have”. Richard then replies, “I don't have any money”. John thinks he is lying and kills him. The cops find in and he goes to jail.
Me and my mom heard about it and we cried for about a week, my mom didn't go to work and I didn't go to school at the time I was about 7 years old. I dreamed about my dad every night and I always woke up crying and i would go to my moms room and sleep with her. After my mom bought the plane tickets, the casket for body, and sent the body. We got ready to go to Jamaica with the whole family. At the open casket I remember walking up to my father and his face looking sad, then I cried. When it was time to put the body underground I looked around and I saw the whole family, the woman wearing black dresses and the men wearing black tuxedos everyone including me had a sad face and was crying. After the funeral it took us a hours to get back to America and then about 2 hours to show our papers, get the bags, and call a taxi . When we got home I went straight to bed because it was around 2 a.m. in the morning and I was tired.
I woke up to get a glass of orange juice and I see my uncle and he says, “Good morning Chris” then I said, “Hi uncle Dave”. He then says get ready to go to the park and I say OK. We went to the park and we went on the swings, played catch, some soccer and then we went back home. On the way back home in my head I was saying I guess I do have a father is just that I call him uncle then one drop off tear comes out of my eye. Dave then asked me if I'm OK, and are you still sad about your dad passing. I say yes I'm still sad about my dad but this tear is not about that its a tear of joy because I still have a father figure in my life and in my heart. In my heart its my real dad thats in heaven but in my life it’s u. He stops the cars and hugs me and says, “I LOVE YOU TOO”.

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