May 22, 2013
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this is my personal childhood memories which has changed my life today.it is easy to connect as its got to do with love towards one's sibling.it is a mixture of joy, mixed emotions,with a simple touch of humour which is garnished with love.the uncanny suspence makes sure you keep turning the pages until the hunting end arrives,which would leave you with a sigh of relief Chapter 1: the big day! LOST
It was a bright sunny day morning, almost the end of my vacation. Time had passed and I passed all my time with something special each time .The most enjoyable time was when I spent my valuable time with my younger brother, Jim He is a little naughty kid but very sharp . He studies in kindergarten.

The most important thing in my town is shopping so every year an “Annual cherry fun “, a fair is held in my town. There is an enormous and dusty ground right in front of my apartment. As I am staying in the 9th floor I can have a clear view of the ground by just opening the balcony door .It is the place where this fair takes place yearly.

As it was a vacation my teacher would give us home work which wasn’t too much but a small portion which was to be done daily. I used to finish it together in the beginning itself as I can be free and my mom won’t question me. But the main reason is that I can spend more time in the carnival .This carnival is celebrated with a great pomp and show, the whole town would be out Jim and I just love it and enjoy it the most.

The carnival begun on 25th April and it was much bigger and busier than ever before. It was crowded, police action was taken, my mom seeing the crowd, refused to take us out. But no way, Jim was stubborn and me too we just were so determined and anxious to know what was new and better than before. My mom took us at last in an half minded way Jim and I carefully noted the ways which led to different stalls.

I never burden my self by visiting the whole carnival at a time .Instead I used to visit only 5 to 10 stalls a day but enjoy it to my hearts content. Jim bought many little things so did I. We bought many candies and gifts mainly I bought many postcards for my friends and cousins. The things I bought were very girlish.

The stalls were filled with colorful things. The old dry ground was no more dull the people were busy as a bee just in there own way buying sovereigns just in their siblings near and far.

Jim loved the rides and spent a lot of time in little rides which I sometimes felt dum and waste. He was busy chewing something non-stop. I guess we emptied mama’s purse .He just dragged us to each stall and asked for something each time, he did it each time. It was time to go home, so pity dad had come home early to take us for dinner in the Rio Grande sea side Restaurant. He even had looked a table so it was like a double bonus. Jim and I left the shopping bags in the car and went to the restaurant and had a great time feasting our favourite sea foods and had a good merry time.

The next day was Saturday and Jim fell ill as he strained a lot the day before in the carnival.So we all stayed at home and took care of him. He recovered quickly soon after a good long sleep. The next day he was fine, so we were happy. My dad told that as we did not go for shopping on Saturday he wanted to go out on Sunday, but Jim and I had a different plan .We said “No Dad”, you take mom along, instead of coming to the mall, we will watch a humorous movie.My parents agreed and honestly handed over the keys to me.

Jim and I had decided to go to the fair all alone. Without informing our parents and return back before them. We dressed up and took our pocket money and got down, locking the door. I had a guilty feeling ,But joy over came all those feelings.

As we had seen the way, I was eager to watch the puppet show. So I ran there before it had begun. Close by I stopped and just sighed by the time the puppet show started. I dragged him and sat for the show. The show went on very interestingly. Where I lost concentration on Jim later I pulled him and said “Come on Jim don’t be so lazy” I heard some one weeping, I turned back it was some one else “ Oh God!”I was watching the show busily that I did not notice who it was” It was too late. Jim was missing. I was nervous and I did not know what to do.The worst part is answering my parents. The boy I pulled was one of my neighbors who stared at me.
I first went to the playground as he liked the swing, then to the candy shop, I was sure he would be in the toy shop ,but he was not there.
I crossed my fingers and just went searching. As soon as I entered the play ground I saw many games .I went to all those rides and enquired about him. I asked few visitors whether they saw Jim and told how he looked like but no body answered. I was scared .

Then I went to the candy shop, it was stuffed with candies. I thought that Jim would have been there ,Because the colorful candies may have attracted him. But the vendor told that I have seen only kids coming with elders and I do not remember each and every one .This made me even more nervous. My mind went in all wrong directions, as if Jim was kidnapped or …..A hundred questions raised in my mind and it boggle my mind.

Then I came out of the candy shop and went directly to the toy shop. It was quiet a big shop and I spent a lot of time searching each and every corner right from teddy’s to the barbies.He was not there. “What if they are waiting? Oh mom and dad!” I thought of informing the police who was all around but something stopped me each time! I then went to the stalls where we had visited the day before with our mom! He was not there.

What about the ring game stall? I ran there.There were many kids but there was no boy like Jim, I taught of going home and informing my parents. But I did not go because I thought if Jim comes in search of me? No way let me stay here!” then I searched in the snack stall! No progress, not even one little kid got in. I was very upset and thought of calling my friends for help!I decided at last to call Janet as she is one of my close friend who stays in my school hostel.so I thought of her as the right person and ran to the hostel which was a couple of kms away. I called out for her by the window.She opened the window with astonishment to see who it was. I told her to come out but she told she wasn’t allowed to come out. So I asked her to jump out of the window as she stayed in the ground floor. I did not have patience or time to tell and narrate the situation. I dragged her to the carnival and told her to search for Jim. I told her to stand near the fruits stall so she could understand the situation and tried to do the same thing. Both searched each and every corner but he was missing. My heart was full of ramose and regret. I remained in an unstable situation to move out. We tried our level best to find Jim but there was no use everything ended in a big failure!

Then it was getting late the crowd started dispersing .So I asked Janet to leave but she was not ready due to my insistence she went back to the hostel. I just sat on the bench weeping, that minute I heard someone calling out by name, I thought it was my imagination but I could hear a faint sound again and again. I just turned back to see. There was not even an ant but at last when I turned front I realized that my sweet brother on the giant wheel just few yards ahead.

I rubbed my eyes with astonishment and saw “he was Jim!”. I ran there and just couldn’t wait to hug him and receive a couple of kisses. As soon as he got down I just couldn’t believe my eyes he was right in front of me. I took a long breath and thanked God for returning my precious one back to me. But I did not understand why Jim was so happy and did not have even a tear rolling on his cheek. I wondered for a long time and later.

I asked him kindly in a soft tone “where were you dear!”. He said happily “sister when you were watching the puppet show, the giant wheel uncle called all little children to have a ride”.So I went along with my other little friends .Then uncle asked money before getting in and I told him that you will be paying him.So uncle allowed me to sit.I liked it so much and the carriage was so big that uncle could not find me inside.So I hid so well that I was invisible to his eyes and uncle rotated around 25 times and I at last saw you crying so I got down or else I was enjoying the game for a longer time!” After hearing his words I asked him “did you see me? “
He said “yes, you were busy visiting many shops. You know I even saw Janet! She was also shopping”! “He said sister each time I went up I used to see you in one or the other shop what did you buy for me?” I was dumbstruck and I thought “such a brainy special one he is. I wish he always uses his intelligence in the right way!” The biggest thing was that he thought as a busy shopper but did not find the face being so pale and nervous. The funniest thing was that he thought me a wanderer! I should be happy that he did not sleep in the giant wheel thinking that it as a cradle! Then we went home. How surprising! They still had not returned .I asked ,”Where they were ?”over the phone.They replied that “they were having their dinner and will be back with some good sea food for us .” That day I learnt a lesson that when anyone assigns us a task with faith we should know how to keep up those words. Indeed I told Janet and narrated the whole story and even what Jim told.She held her tummy and had a good laugh. She is the only person who knows what had happened. The most horrible thing was when I went with Jim and mom to play in the garden unfortunately the neighbour whose son I pulled with me was just sitting beside us.Fortunately she did not ask anything about that incident “what a narrow escape!!!” This is a secret and always remain as big secret.

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AnaR said...
Jun. 1, 2013 at 4:08 pm
You are right, your story is very tense and dramatic. I am so glad you found your little brother safe. Thank you for sharing--your English is very good, too.
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