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The Light Closed Darkness and SELF-MADE!

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There’s a girl I know and her name is Self. When she was born her grandfather and grandmother were already divorced but she had a mom and a dad but really more like a mom. Soon later down the line Self turned 2yrs old and her grandmother found another man and married him. He became good friends with the family but more good friends with Self. She was only 2 not knowing what to do but go with things and just be happy that she had a friend. Self is now 3yrs old and things been going good and smooth well at least in her mind. Self-used to go to her grandma’s house all the time because her mom had to work 2 jobs and her dad was just in and out most of the time. It all started when her grandma’s husband told her that they would be best friends forever and pinky promised he would never do anything to hurt her. Self being 3yrs old didn’t care or think about anything from it. He began to touch her in ways that weren’t okay but Self didn’t know that so she stayed happy running around smiling and her little giggles here and there all signs of a happy baby. At 4yrs old self was only getting older and still a mind of a baby just living her life. Everything started to get deeper and intense. It was thanksgiving and all her cousins came to her grandma’s house Self just turned 5 two months before then she was playing with her cousin on that day running up and down the stairs jumping up and down on her grandma’s bed. When Self ran into her grandma’s room alone he grabbed her arm and touched her chest she wanted to leave so bad and keep playing but she didn’t know what he was doing was such a bad thing so she just waited till he was done but she didn’t know touching her wasn’t the only thing he was going to do. He kissed her and when I say kissed I mean made out with her and asked her if they were still best friends forever and made her pinky promise that she wouldn’t say anything and that whatever they did or whatever he told her was supposed to be a secret because that’s what best friends do they keep secrets from people who weren’t them. A couple years passed and Self was almost 11yrs old and she hasn’t really seen or been to her grandma’s house in a good minute but since the fact it’s been a while Self has to go there just to visit. Her grandma was at work so it was only her and Her Grandma’s husband at the house he was very happy that it was just them two but Self being 11 she was more older now and didn’t like what was going on but she still kept quiet but she had no idea why. He touched her down her chest and beyond that and kissed her on her lips and on her checks telling her all these things about friendship and that he won’t forget about her and that she’s better than anything and beautiful. Self knew this was beyond wrong and it had to stop but still she said nothing. When her grandma came home She just wanted to Go Home and she did just that not believing anything he said to her about her being beautiful or being better cause if she was beautiful why does he do the things he does?. Years pass again and Self is Know 13 yrs. old and it was thanksgiving all over again this time her grandma was in a new house and everybody was standing laughing in the living room and Self was watching T.V. She was sitting right next to him scared of what he was going to do or where he was going to put his hands next or his lips even though her family was right behind her. He touched her chest and started to tell her to go into the back room but she refused and was just scared because she didn’t know what to do. Days later she had enough and just told her friend at school but thought it would just be a secret still and continue but it didn’t end like that. Self-told the police and they investigated all they could and got nothing so they left it her family wish she said something earlier because now it was kind of too late. Self’s parents were pissed and her dad was furious so now she’s not allowed to see her grandma alone or go to her house without someone there. Self really thinks it was a waste of time to say something because the detectives just dropped it like nothing and forgot all about it. Self is now 15yrs old and has someone that’s been by her side the right way and made her feel better about herself and now she knows she will never be forgotten or afraid of what will happen next….. This is me saying I am no longer afraid!! Because I said something and It wasn’t too late.. ?

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