Her Eyes

May 13, 2013
She looks up to me, with big brown eyes. She trusts me with her every fiber and being, knowing that I’ll love her back. She looks to me with hope and love, almost speaking with words instead of emotions. So much can be said through those two beautiful, big brown eyes. But she has no voice to speak those words. She doesn’t know how to speak my language, nor I hers. But we still communicate, still understand each other. She is my best friend and my closest companion; she listens to my problems and to my fears. She chases away my nightmares and makes me smile when I feel like the world is filled with nothing but sorrow.
I wish I knew how to tell her just how much I care about her, how she listens to me when I just need to talk, how she makes me think about things in a different way, or how she’s just there when I need her.
But I get the feeling she knows. By the way she looks at me and smiles with her eyes, those big, beautiful, brown eyes.

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