First Time

May 13, 2013
By , Johns Creek, GA
All other noise faded away as the engine’s hum created a soft, soothing lull, and the tires evenly rolled along the pavement. I stared ahead, concentrating on the body of the car in front of me, intent on getting as far away as possible from the insecurities and worries that waited for me at home. The destination was the long stretch of highway.With each passing exit sign, purple sky turned black, and hot air broke through the sharp cold circulation, creating an aura of comfort within the tight-knit space. I wondered about others travelling around me, where they were going, if they even knew where they were heading towards. It felt liberating to drive without restriction of traffic lights and stop signs. To be able to just step on the gas, and observe how the outline of the city gradually grew larger and larger until the luminous buildings loomed overhead, distracted me long enough to clear my head without even realizing it. By thinking of every small detail that came to me, I saw things more clearly, and experienced a different kind of independence.

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