Twisting and turning

May 7, 2013
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Twisting and Turning
Screams and roars thundered through the air, traveling at about 70 miles per hour. “Cool!” my cousin exclaimed as we watched the speeding roller coasters, “Can we get on one?” I was at Hershey Park with my cousin, uncle, aunt, and my mom. The July sun was beginning to set, leaving a cool refreshing breeze. “Please?” cousin Albert pleaded, “This is me and Patrick’s first roller coaster.” We continued to beg until the adults gave in. After waiting in an unexpectedly quick line, Albert, my uncle and I cautiously climbed into the Wild Mouse coaster cart. Suddenly, the cold metal bar closed over us. “There’s no escape now”, I thought.
The cart rumbled to life and we began to ascend the intimidating sloping ramp. At the summit, I could see all the vendor shops nearby. With a gigantic push we twisted and turned around the humongous metal support poles. The car turned a corner, “The cart’s going to turn over” I thought. I could just imagine a navy blue coaster cart plummeting 80ft to the ground. Another violent turn appeared around the bend. “We’re going to crash into a pole” I thought. After that, Albert, my uncle, and I squealed and yelled as we descended the curving slope. My stomach rose to my chest, so I closed my eyes. I thought that somehow the vicious turns would vanish if I did so. After many more thrilling twists and turns, the exhilarating ride came to an end.
The now slightly moist metal pole (from the sweat on our palms) lifted off our chests. A wide grin spread across my face as my uncle, Albert, and I staggered off the cart. We broke out laughing as we rejoined my mom and aunt waiting for us at a nearby bench.

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