The Old Days

April 13, 2013
It was the first day. that first day I would never forget. My heart practically in my throat, beating so heavily as though it would just fall out. Palms perspirating more than a pig in the summertime. It was my first day of high school. I walked in from the back, where the buses dropped us off. I tried to stay away from everyone, just to avoid conflicts with the wrong crowds. The school halls lingered in front of me. Beckoning as though with warm greedy arms, drinking in the sight of new students. Just my luck too. A guy with no friends, entering into the biggest high school in the state. At least one thousand students populated the hallways and classrooms everyday. I got through the introduction of our homeroom and homeroom teacher, and we were off to first period. Still nervous, I pulled my schedule out of my pocket, hands trembling slightly. Room 1203. I walked down the garbage riddled halls, filth carelessly thrown about despite all of the garbage cans that had been placed. I walked into the classroom. Still trembling, I sat down in a seat. I pulled out a book, it was a favorite, it always kept me calm. I had only read for a minute when a fantastically beautiful girl sat next to me. I couldn't concentrate on my reading anymore. Now my body was shaking with the social awkwardness I knew had followed me ever since I was in grammar school. The first thing she said to me was, "Hi!" and that was where our amazing friendship began. Her name was Tiffany, she was short, Asian, had an incredible sense of humor, and she was fun to be around. I sputtered out my name to her just barely, and she laughed at how nervous I was. Our friendship only grew after that day. She was the first friend among many I came to know at my new school, but her company among everyone else's I enjoyed the most. As our friendship grew, something else inside each of us grew as well. Feelings for each other I would have never thought existed. Halfway during the year, she admitted these feelings to me, and I didn't know what to say. I couldn't tell her I had these feelings too, because I really didn't. I could tell that things might not be the same between us. The rest of the year passed, summer came. We chatted over social networking everyday, and kept each other happy. I missed hearing her voice though. Laughing at the jokes I made, her eyes, staring in wonder at mine. Everyday I missed her. The summer went by, and school started once again. Sophomore year. More friends were made, and I became more confident about myself. I was stronger, physically and mentally. There was something, however, unusual about Tiffany when we at last saw each other again in school. She had changed as well, but I noticed she no longer looked me in the eye, when we walked in the hallways she never made an attempt to walk with me, she always kept ahead. Overall it seemed as though we were growing apart. I didn't want that, it killed me to see her upset or to know something was bothering her so I tried to ask her about it. She didn't reveal the slightest hint at what was happening. I kept trying to make her happy though. Her smile that so defined her had appeared less often, and I did everything in my power to bring it back, even if it was only for a fleeting moment. But halfway through the year, she stopped talking to me, she made new friends, she hung around them instead of me. I slowly faded into nothing but a memory, a memory that occasionally summoned all the strength in his body just to talk to her, and when he did that, it crushed him even further when all she told him was to go away. I found I developed feelings for her as well. But they were stronger than just a simple crush, this was something else. Every time I saw her my heart would race, and I found that I couldn't even get near her without feeling faint. I didn't just like her, I loved her.

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