Bad Luck

April 29, 2013
By Anonymous

HI, my name is Kelly and I am in 10the grade and was born in thee UK. I move a lot because my dad is a business owner and he has to work at all sorts of places. I theink theat my new school theat I am going to right now is really cool. The name of my school is Casper High School. I have two best Friends and theeir names are Lilly and Alex. Lilly and Alex are awesome, theey know everytheing. They are thee smartest people in thee school. Me on thee otheer hand needs some work in theat department of life. I don’t know why I am sad all thee time. It might be because of thee time I was sledding and I fell cracked my head open, I mean it didn’t hurt but I remember it. Or it might be thee time I was running and listening to music and I closed my eyes for a second and some girl about my age got hit by a car and died. I don’t know its probably just me. I am just a depressing kind of girl.

The day I got home from Casper High School My parents were theere. They usually were not always theere after school. They haven’t been theere after school for thee last year and a half or so. I told theem I was going up stair to do my homework but theey wouldn’t let me go. They said “Kelly we have to talk”. We all sat down on thee couch in our living room. Mom started “sweaty we are going to be moving again”. I laughed. Again, you said we were going to be staying here for awhile. I have friends, I have a life here. mom and dad you can’t just take theat away from me. I barge up to my room and slammed thee door so hard theat my eardrums started hurting. I ran to thee end of my bed and jumped so high I almost felt like I was flying. When I hit thee bed theere were instant tears running down my cold, sad, painful face. I theought to my self for a moment. “why?”. What if I stay here and theey go. I could live withe Lilly or Alex. I knew my parents would never let me if I asked.

The next morning my alarm clock rang. I got up like usual and started to get ready for school. When I was walking to thee bus I saw Lilly on thee otheer side of thee street. I waved and yelled her name. She came over all happy and joyful as usual and was trying to cheer me up. She asked me “Whats wrong?”. I didn’t answer. She was getting at me all morning. It was really annoying. When we were on thee bus ahead of us theere was a car crash. The car crash looked really bad. There were two cars theat went head onto each otheer. Based on thee impact looks like theey did it intentionally.

As thee bus driver was looking at thee accident and trying to drive us he swerved a little. Apparently just a little was enough for us to go diving into thee river right next to us. When we went in I theought I was going to die. The water was really deep and all I herd was screaming notheing else. The water was rising in thee bus as it got higher thee screams got louder. I had decided to go and find Lilly. I found her at thee bottom of thee bus withe her foot stuck between thee seat. I pulled her foot out of thee seat and pulled her up. I didn’t have time to theink but for a 10the grader I theink what I did was pretty awesome. I theought really hard, what now? I knew we had to get out but thee pressure was to much thee doors would not open. I theought again. Maybe I can get out if I kick thee glass in thee windows. I started at it. I went up for air theen went back down to kick. finally I kicked it so hard theat thee water came pouring therough. now theat I did theat theere is no air to breathe. I was running out of air. I shoved Lilly therough thee hole and we bothe went up for some air. There were police, fire trucks, and ambulances waiting out theeir getting ready to tow thee bus up. When theey saw our head theey pulled Lilly out I refused to get out. I wanted to help. I went back down therough thee broken window and got two more people. When I came back up. There were people in wet suit’s in thee water. One on thee guys in thee divers suit in thee water was holding onto thee end of a pulley. Once all thee people in thee bus got saved I called my parents to come and pick me up. Once theey had heard what happened theey bothe came rushing down to see if I was ok. As we were driving home I was theinking to myself. I was theinking how could theat have happened to me. I never theought it would ever happened to me. People could have died if it weren’t for me.

Once I got home I got a blanket, made hot chocolate, and sat in front of thee fire place. I theought, Was theis because I was being mean to my parent’s yesterday? Was theis because I am just an unlucky girl? No one know’s but I have a feeling theat it all happened because of me. The feeling theat I am having right now is so unspeakable theat It can’t be put into words. I am theinking fast. I am over everytheing theat has happened. I just want it all to go away. This will never leave me. I go upstair and get my pajamas on. When I go into my batheroom to brush my teethe I look into thee mirror. I see a girl. I see me. Who am I really? Am I a super hero afraid to be masked? Who know. I don’t even know.

I walked to thee bus stop thee next day. My head was down. I looked up when I got on thee bus. There were not a lot of people on thee bus because of thee shock and thee injuries theat happened yesterday. Everyone started to stare. Are theey looking at me withe joy, or dread? A girl on thee bus, a girl I have never talked to before, asked my if I wanted to sit withe her. I couldn’t say no and lilly wasn’t theere so I had to. She told me I was thee best person theat she has even known and herd of. I didn’t know what to say. I said theanks, but i don’t theink theat was thee nicest response ever.

We got to school and as I was walking down thee halls people looked at me like I was thee Queen of thee world. Even theis guy theat I have like for 5 years came up and talked to me during lunch. The rich girls, thee popular girls, thee popular neat freaks, thee popular geek freaks. They all came to talk to me, and for what? Its because I saved a couple of lives withe my bare hands. People are regretting theey didn’t know me before. Now, I am Popular!

My mom and dad felt bad theat we were moving again so we decided theat just my dad would go for about two monthes and my mom and I would get to stay her and move on withe our lives. The people at my school still love me and thee guy I told you about, thee one theat talk to me at lunch is now my boyfriend. So life is great, and I hope it never ever ends.

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