Eating dirt.

April 11, 2013
My object is my first quad a yellow Suzuki 80 the reason why it was given to me is because my mom broke are wave runner and we were going to trade my uncle Mike was so excited I loved these quads from the first time I saw them I have always loved quads but this quad was something else I would always go down to their house and try to ride them but I could never get them to start but finally this is the day I felt the rough seat the bumpy tiers the smooth throttle I pulled up the e brake and I press the start button and there you go it starts right up and I smell the exhaust so I pull on my helmet and I start riding and here the rocks going everywhere but when i’m done and I go to put it away my uncle mike is their unloading groceries and I get caught so I go home crying and that was the last time I did that the wave runner was sitting in the shop and my dad was wanting to get rid of it and my uncle mike was going to get one for his daughter so my dad did a little trade we got two quads he got a wave runner it was the best day it was the best day of my childhood life I would ride that quad every day I got home from school it was my favorite toy I was about seven at the time when I was following my dad on my quad I thought he was turning but he kept going but I turned right into a tree the quad flip and I eat dirt trapping my leg underneath it I was screaming but my dad kept on going he finally looked back and noticed I wasn't there so he turned around and flip the quad back up onto four wheels and I drove off that was the first time I flip a quad me and my brother would always play games like cops and robbers it was so fun we would always try to make trails but we would always get stuck my dad made us a trail in the woods next to my house it was like a little race track it was so fun I was a little bit older now me and all my cousins were all over at my house and we were riding quads and my cousin was standing on a hill waiting her turn and my brother was riding the quad and we where throwing pine cones at him and he lost control and ran over my cousin we all gasp and watched the quad roll down a hill and ran down and flip the quad over and the help my cousin up and walked her to the house this was probably the worst wreck this quad has ever been in when my brother quad was broken we would hook up the sled in the winter and the wagon in the summer this was probably most fun we had on this quad the quad has only broke down once and that is because i thought is because it was a four stroke which means it does not take oil but it is not if it runs out of oil the engine blows this quad has been through its ups and downs but it was probably my best childhood toy ever the quad is now passed on to my cousin but i still get to ride it just about a year ago we where riding in the place where we go hunting and my cousin was riding it and we went on this little side trail and ny cousin ran over a bush and flip it right on its side luckily he was not hurt this quad has been flip a couple of times but i think this quad is indestructible and I hope my cousin keeps it that way and I am sure he will pass it down to my younger cousin.

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