Wolves in the Shadows

March 15, 2013
By , Granite Falls, WA
I see them. Every day I see them. They’re lurking in the shadows, waiting. Waiting for a day that I won’t see them, waiting until they can pounce on me, attack me from where they’re hiding. The wolves of the world are hiding in the shadows. They want to drive me mad. They want to cause my destruction, or even lead me to the causing my own destruction. Why are they there? Why won’t they leave? Wolves are sly, insatiable, and evil creatures who are attempting to undo me. I did nothing. I have not earned this torment. It is unfair in all aspects. But what can I do? Nothing. I watch the wolves, and I can keep them from killing me for now, but one day, and one day soon I may forget to keep an eye on those shadows. I may forget to notice the wolves. And then they will kill me. Or I will kill me. Whichever they think is worse.

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