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I've found love.

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Everyone in life has those doubts, that the right person will never come around, but after the time you spend being alone comes to an end, is a great feeling. I can say for myself the time has arrived, I've met a guy who I can't imagine being without. Falling in love isn't like getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth, it's not something you do every day. Love gives you a feeling of strength, courage, pride, and bravery. True love crosses your path throughout life once, it never dies, and it's a feeling that's only meant to be given to one significant other. Love is fate, my fate has come, it holds my destiny, and I’ve found love.

My journey began October, 22, it was a fall Monday, when I now had knowledge of this guy, and was finally aware of his existence. Of course, when I was first introduced to him, I never had thoughts or intentions on falling in love with him, but it was always this feeling I got when he entered my presence. The emotions I have running inside of me is unexplainable. The feeling I get when we're breathing the same air, is like driving your brand new car off the lot. He gives me this kid in the candy store feeling, where I know exactly what candy bar I came for. We noticed each other on the sunny day of October, 25, during third hour, I was a new student, and he poked his head in the classroom door, to get his friend's attention. The moment he looked in, it's like I realized I'd seen something, I had never seen before, like a shooting star. He is now in the classroom, so I'm able to take a better look at him. Having a clearer view, he's wearing a turquoise shirt, with writing on it, and dark blue Levi's. My eyes are now diverting in the direction he was standing, I sat my arm up, elbow on the table, placing my cheek onto my balled up hand. He suddenly catches me staring him and up and down, now we're looking directly into one another's face, like a newly married couple! It was obvious that I had now had his attention, and he had mine's. The one thing that's in a girl's nature is playing hard to get, so in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, he's so handsome. The expression written over my face, shows, he's just another guy attending my school. It began to seem like after that day, I never seen him around school anymore. It came as a shock, that a group of people invited me to a party in my first week of attending the school; I didn't understand how that was possible. I attended the party, and forty-five minutes within the party, butterflies ran through my stomach, I glanced over and thought to me, "that's the cute guy from my school"! It was now an hour and fifth-teen minutes into the party, he approached me and I didn't know whether I should respond back, or play hard to get, he grabbed my arm and now I'm feeling as if I'm forced to speak, he has my arm.
He asked "What's your name?”

I immediately replied, "Nattiya, what's yours?"

He replied, "David."

The party went on and we see each other one last time, which was right before the party ended. David came up to me again, and curiously asked would I be willing to text him, I said sure, he began letting the numbers roll off his tongue. The night was now over, I'm now thinking, should I text him now, or wait a day or two, so I don't seem too available? Sunday has now come, and I'm curious as to why this weekend went by so quickly. We returned to school, and I'm awkwardly happy, that I hadn't seen him again, because I knew he'd ask, "why didn't you call or text me?"

All of a sudden those thoughts vanished. It's now third hour and I took a trip to my locker for my green folder, that was labeled "English." Coincidentally he happened to be coming from the other end of the hallway, and asked the question I knew he'd ask. I nervously replied, with a lie, "I did text you, no one replied." He gave me that look of shame, and asked "What's your number? So I can text you, and it'll be for real." The seven digits raced off my tongue, without making any mistakes, due to the fact that I was blushing. The school day was finally over, and I have thoughts as to whether or not, he was going to text me, but surprisingly he did the unexpected, he called. The conversation began with the basic "getting to know someone questions." It's now a month later, November, 17, and he popped the question. He happily stated, "I want you to be my girlfriend", and then signals the question, "Will you?" I couldn't reply any faster than I already did, I exclaimed "YESSSS!" The journey has begun, it's final, I'm now yours and you're mine's. The feelings became more intense and I wondered how could someone as sweet, and unbelievable as a guy like him, had been single? Finally, figuring out the answer to my wonderings, it was because it takes the right girl to make you go out and search for it. Time has passed, days have flown, days spent with him, could not compare to a day spent at Disney World when you were six. I had soon discovered this feeling I couldn't place my fingers on. I was certain it was not a feeling I had ever felt before. It's not infatuation, definitely not like, could it be love? Something in my heart pondered on me for a while, and I realized, the time has come, the day was here, and I had fallen in love.

Months have gone by; the connection grew deeper day by day. All I could think of is that I found true love, and that it wasn't only possible in movies, it's real. Every day I value the day we met, and say to him "I could not thank you enough, you made what I thought was impossible, occur, you opened the chapters to my fairy tale.”I'm in love, and this adventure of love has just started. Buckle up; you're in for a ride, because something as strong as this feeling is forever.

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keterchoi said...
today at 11:26 pm:
i think that was beautiful.  
  i hope he reads it, and feels the same way. 
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