Holiday Road

February 28, 2013
By , lakewood, CO
It was crazy.
I should have known that when we got in our truck, turned on the radio, and heard the innocent song of “Holiday Road” that this would be no normal road dad, grandpa, and my brother Willy climbed into our dusty white avalanche, our destination- California where we would go out into the ocean to fish for king salmon. My brother and I had made the back of the avalanche our bed with pillows blankets laid out, and our tiny Converse all-stars hanging up on the little handles tied up by the window, we started our twisted journey into the unknown western states.

At first the scenery seemed normal, and this was because we saw the mountains many other cars, but mostly Subways, and Sonic restaurants you know the usual thing to see in Colorado. My brother and I fell asleep, but soon when we were woken by a grinding noise. The semi-truck in front of us made a heart wrenching squealing noise. All of a sudden it started going faster and faster until it quickly slid up a steep dirt path. It stopped, but we didn’t we just kept going.

We eventually entered Wyoming. It was very boring there. Lots of cows and stuff like that. We stopped once for gas. My brother and I were watching the cars drive along the street. An old bearded man was on the island in the middle of the street. There was a quick little gap between the cars and the man made a run for it. He didn’t make it. He got stopped by an old Camaro. By stopped I mean got hit by the Camaro and went flying across the road. We laughed as many people rushed to help him.
“At least he got to the side of the road,” said my brother.
Giggling, I said in return, “Why’d the hippy cross the road?”
“Why?” replied Willy.
“To get hit by a Camaro.” I screamed
We both shared a laugh.
“No, no, no,” commented Willy. “He wanted to catch his flight.”
My dad got angry at us for making fun of the man, but we continued our journey to California.

Nevada-this is the place we had the most action in. at first we were riding at night my dad was getting tired. We pulled over at a hotel for the night. My grandpa went inside to get us a room. A yellow semi-truck was pulling into the hotel. It was coming slow, but it was too tall. It hit the awning it kept going until the lady getting us a room ran out to stop it. Rubble fell everywhere. Guess what they didn’t let us check in that night. My grandpa drove as my dad took a little nap. We had been going for a while and I couldn’t fall asleep. We were behind a crown Victoria. It was going slow for the speed limit. We were coming up on it fast. Since we didn’t stop for the night we would make the trip to California in only two days. We were behind this crown Victoria for about an hour before my grandpa got irritated. I saw him, right before his hand touched the horn the car started going faster. We thought that they were speeding up finally. Then an unexpected squeaking noise came from the front of us. The tires had stopped, they had pulled the emergency brake. It turned sideways and flipped. We stopped really fast throwing my dad’s face into the dashboard. That woke him up. When we got out to help them they had bolted the other direction.

My dad was driving again. And we were almost out of Nevada. We thought we had enough of all the craziness that had happened when the weirdest and most harmless thing had happened. When I was little my favorite car was slug bugs. I saw one that stood out above all others.
“Dad look, a slug bug” I shouted excitedly
“Cool mikey” my dad replied without even looking.
“Why is it dripping?” I asked
In a joking voice my dad said I was hallucinating. “Why are the girls in it wearing swimming suits. “my dad wimped his head around.“What?” he yelled. When he turned around, and they drove past we both saw how the slug bug was filled with water, and the chicks in it were playing with flash lights.

This is the last time something weird happened to us until we finally made it fishing. My dad and willy had caught so many giant fish, and I was sad because nothing was nibbling at my line. Then my line flipped out I grabbed it, I would have been dragged into the ocean if I wasn’t strapped to the chair. I had it right up next to the boat when this giant mouth flew up from the depths. My life flashed before my eyes as the yellow, sharp, and bloody teeth lifted my fish above me. The man driving our boat ran over to cut the line. I sat there with my mouth open as the giant orca crashed back down into the water. Like sea world I got drenched. The rest of the trip the only thing unusual that had happened was our car got broken into. The rest was a blur. This was my fantastically crazy road trip.

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