Safe isn't so safe any more

February 25, 2013
By nicolerosier BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
nicolerosier BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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"Don't expect things to happen. Its better to feel surprised then disappointed."

Sitting on the ground crying. I lost everything, not just my stuff I owned but my comfort and my safety. I never felt so violated in my life. I never feared to live in my own house. I wish today was a dream.

Everyday was the same routine. My dad leaves for work at 4, I leave to go to school at 6, my brother goes and doesn't come home till later at night, my mom is the last one out at 10 and the 3 dogs are always in the house. Being watch, they caught on to the routine of our daily activities, who drives what car, how long we're gone for. All down to the exact minute.

Today, just like every other day, my mom takes me to school, then she goes back home to get ready for work. My brother had the day off so he went and hung out with some friends after my mom left. He has a bad habit of not locking the door. As he left with out a care about the dead bolt not being locked and left the two big dogs outside and my little one inside. I guess that's when it must of happened.

That afternoon my mom was running late to pick me and my friend up from school like usual. She was in a grumpy mood so she didn't really say anything as we dropped my friend off. We drove home from her house, my mom received a phone call from my dad, which never gets home as early as he did that day. My mom started crying, panicking, and asked "Is she okay?" so I thought oh my little dog got hit by a car because she likes to escape our yard and run around our neighborhood. Nope, my house got broken into in the middle of the day when no one was home and the neighbors didn't hear anything. My dad got home and finds my little dog in the front yard shaking, then he noticed the door was kicked in, his face was flushed. A sudden rage came over him, he ran to his van and grabbed his stainless steel 9mm Smith N Wesson, and went inside to make sure no one was there. One lesson everyone should know is that you don't want to piss off a redneck, we shoot first ask questions later. If you ask me, they were lucky they left before he got home. Me and my mom pull up into the drive way. You could see the steam of how pissed off he was. My dad said to not touch anything or go in there till the cops came, we waited 3 hours almost. My mom was worried about a ring that was my Nani's if they took it or not. A couple weeks before this day we had my Nani (great-grandma) at our house taking care of her, she was 104 years old, but she passed away. Questions ran thru my head, what would they have done if she was still here? Would they leave or would they keep on with their theft? Would they have killed her?

Me and my dad sat there and had a conversation about why he came home so early, while we sat in the yard waiting for the cops. He said "I had a bad feeling because of what happened last night, you didn't know about it. But some girl at 2 a.m came knocking on our door asking for money for gas. I offered to take her back to the gas station and fill her up and she declined because 'she doesn't get in cars with strangers' just knocks on the door." the nearest gas station is about a 20 minute walk, and you pass several houses. He was also telling me about how random cars have been parked on the side of the road on the other side or in our front yard by our mail box and he would notice and walk out to talk to them and they would speed off.

Eventually the cops came. They only sent one, and he went inside to dust for finger prints which he couldn't find any but as soon as we were allowed in there my mom dashed her room and looked everywhere for that ring, I didn't go in yet. But I knew she found it because I heard a squeal and she came back out side more calm but still crying. The ring must of fell out of the jewelry box and hid under cloths so they couldn't see it.

I walked in finally. The door had a huge foot print on it when they kicked it in, the frame around the door was ripped off the wall. I slowly walked in and our living room looked empty because our flat TV screen was gone, that would take at least 3 people to carry out, I walked down the hall way to go my bed room I stopped and looked in my brother's room. They wiped out my brother room took his TV, laptops, jewelry, and Play-Stations, in my parents room all they took was their jewelry. I finally reached my room. Every drawer was open, cloths thrown all over my room. In tears I fell to the ground. I felt so violated, they touched everything of mine, every piece of clothing and my bed. They took my camera, laptop and jewelry. They left the TV on my bed. They never got finished, I guess they got scared. We figured out it was around 1 because they ripped the clock out of the wall.

A couple months later they found one of the guys, he was wanted for a bunch of arm robberies. But i still wonder, why our house? Why do people do that to other people? I honestly believe my Nani was watching over that ring so that they didn't take that and watched over my mom because she usually goes home around the time all this happened and who knows what would of happened.

I lived in fear for awhile i couldn't sleep and I would always make sure the doors were locked every night. Till this day I still live in fear. I look over my shoulder every time I walk out the door to make sure no one is watching, and I make sure the doors of everything is locked, just so I can make sure this doesn't happen again especially when anyone is home.

The author's comments:
My teacher wanted us to write a Memior. I wrote about this because it really hit me on how the people in this world really are. And I know alot of people could relate to this.

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