My Baby Cousin

March 1, 2013
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Did you ever notice how time advances on you? Like a lion hunting his prey. Watching and waiting. Then he pounces! Time waits on a miracle or just a happy moment to slow your heart, make you shake, cry, then that tiny moment hurriedly passes on.

My dream land was abruptly interrupted by the sounds and smells of the waffles being made downstairs. I could just imagine the warm flakey waffles. Knowing I had a sweet tooth, the buttery syrup made my mouth water. The sun weakly shone through the polluted gray clouds. Not to my surprise papa was the culprit of the waffle scheme. Not seeing grandma I had one guess.

“Is grandma still sleeping?” I questioned still amazed by the beauty of the clouds.

“No Aunt Jenn is in labor, grandma is at the hospital supporting her,” Papa said fidgeting
with the toaster.

“What time did she leave the house?” Curiosity blanketed my mind like fresh snow.

“She left around two when she got a call from Jinn,” now papa was getting the waffles out of the toaster.

“When will she be back?” yet again the snow was falling.

“We have no idea,” It was finally time to dive into the annual, but delicious meal.

When the lion hunts his prey he waits until his last minute. Then it’s time for him to pounce on his unaware prey. Finally he digs his razor sharp claws into his awaited meal. That’s how our family felt when grandma didn’t come home until the dull evening meal.

“Was it a boy or a girl?” our question was so obvious.

“It was a boy!” she exclaimed shocked yet amazed.

“Were they happy?” The blanket of snow was growing deeper.

“No they were not just happy they were overjoyed!” It looked as if grandma could have been the happiest grandparent in the world.

The shining sun woke me. I had no idea what was ahead for this day. I sharply sat up in my bed and decided to put on some day time clothes. I pushed and pulled a wrinkled t- shirt on to my body. Then came the pants, and so on. Finally I had a complete set of not- so- fabulous attire.

The clouds were a cotton candy palooza. The sun was a starting fire, not yet burning its brightest. I noticed all this on a slow walk to my family’s navy blue Durango. We were headed to the birth place of our new family member. I could not wait for the moment I would see the proud parents cradling their new son. Yet I believe that the whole family couldn’t wait for that small moment.

Finally we saw the newborn baby sleeping snugly in his convertible crib. Who would hold him first? We found out that that baby’s name was: Paul Victor Foster the Forth. My baby cousin namesake was from his father. We loved this baby from the very start.

We visited Paul four times during that week. The whole time I snapped pictures of my cousin. I had never held a baby and couldn’t wait to hold him. My time was short. But soon I would have to hold him. I knew that for a fact.

Finally we brought the baby home. He was so tired and hungry that he only really wanted his mom. But my aunt let me hold him. He was warm like a fire blazing securely. He was soft like my old teddy bear I used to hold while I slept. But most of all he loved like a mother and her child.

Isn’t it funny how time can slow your heart? I have waited very long to have a baby in the house. But with all the waiting I finally got my wish; just as the lion got his meal. Time took its course. My moment came and passed on.

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