Like Never Before

February 13, 2013
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Jealousy filled my veins as I watched her say hi to everyone. I was in kindergarten and had no idea such feeling existed. Ms. T introduced her briefly, but I did not dare to say hi. I had my own friends and didn't care—she was just a new student. For some reason they didn’t like her and I didn’t mind it, because after a while I wouldn’t see a difference between my friends and I.

Paulina was a pretty girl with long, blondish brown hair, with a small face and freckles on her nose. She was a lot shorter and skinnier than me. Her eyes were gray with hints of green that seemed magical since they always kept boys around her. Every time she laughed, her eyes shined like stars. When my eyes first touched upon her, she seemed to be a little mouse with eyes looking everywhere to see a friendly face that would hopefully become her friend. She was very calm and polite. She was holding a book in one of her hands her, but it seemed as if she was hiding behind it. So lonely in the corner, on her own, with no one to talk to—Paulina.

I didn't want her to be alone. I felt like she should not be alone. I wanted to say hi, to introduce myself and when the opportunity came, I took an advantage of it. She was unlike my other friends—full of kindness and optimism. I talked to her about everything and nothing. I was never bored with such companion. She was like my sister who always kept me entertained. I knew I could trust her and that she would not betray me. She is one of a kind and it is a good thing that I introduced myself to my best friend.

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