Growing Up, Growing Apart

February 5, 2013
Life was great, until the 7th grade. All my life I had two families, and loved them both. My family with my aunts, uncles, cousins, mother, father, and brother. But I had another family. My two best friends, boy and girl. Their names were Josh and Courtney. Courtney I had known for as long as I can remember, and Josh since 1st grade. We were like two sisters and a brother. I was closer to them than anyone else in the world. I told them anything and everything, I kept no secrets from them, But strangely they kept many secrets from me. We were inseparable, until my dear, wonderful sister let me down. At the time I didn’t think anything would turn out as bad as it did. I didn’t know that one action would end our little trio. I had seen in movies and TV shows when two of the three people begin a relationship, the last one was pushed to the side and forgotten.

I didn’t want to be a third wheel, nor did I want to be left behind. I could feel my family drifting away, but I felt as though my feet were nailed to the ground. The two of them would “date” then break up, and get back together countless times. Since this began, they always seemed irritated when I was with them, and they were not alone. I felt bad just by being there, and when it was just us, anyone could tell we were all very different. We were not the care free children we once were; I could feel the tension in the air. Finally I did something I will regret for the rest of my life; I let them go. Back then I thought we just needed some space, and then everything would be like it was. Unfortunately I was wrong. When we tried to restore our friendship, it came to a sad and tragic end. Courtney now lives far away with her mom, and Josh still lives four houses away from me. But I feel like we are in different continents.

They are still friends, but my fears came true. I was excluded from our once blissful family. By the time we finished 7th grade, I knew the two people I loved were gone. Some say change is good, but when people change for any reason, they will never be the same. If growing up means growing apart, then I wish we could stay the overly exultant kids we used to be. All I want is one day back with my family; a dream I know will never come true.

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