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January 31, 2013
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How i made the Cedarburg Basketball Club team. Chapter 1: The A Team The A Team

Date 12/2/12

I still remember when I first moved to Cedarburg and didn’t play any sports. I moved to Cedarburg and had neighbors that played basketball all the time. I used to think they were weird because they played basketball in the road; then I started to play with my neighbors and grew to enjoy it.
I started when I was in the 1st grade. I played in a league that was at my elementary school. I wasn’t any good, but as usual nobody is good when they first start. This was the first actual team that I played on and it was very fun. I had many accomplishments in that league, like scoring my first basket, getting my first steal, etc.
Then I moved to Rec. basketball. Rec. was a big jump from playing at my elementary school, to playing with fifth graders. The first year I played was a great jump for me because I knew I was ready for the competitive league. The first year, I was on the Rockets with some people that I knew, but it wasn’t that fun because everyone was older than me. The second year, I also played on the Rockets and with everyone I knew. I had a lot of fun because I was one of the oldest and most experienced. Eventually Rec. became too easy, so I wanted to try out for the Cedarburg Basketball Club. It took about a year to persuade my parents to allow me to play CBC(Cedarburg Basketball Club).
I first tried out for CBC last year. On the day of the tryouts, they said the teams would be posted over the weekend. While waiting for the results, I refreshed the computer every five minutes for the next 30 minutes. The last refresh is when it said “Results From Tryouts”, so I clicked on it and saw that is said “Ryan Seawall” on the orange team(B team).
I started playing the summer season and it was pretty exciting, because it was a VERY competitive league, which made me want to get better and play harder than anyone else on the court. Then, as the summer season washed away and we took a one month break, then started the regular season.
I started playing the regular season and we had three wins and one loss. Then came our first tournament. Our team showed up, and we lost the first game, won the second, and lost the the third, so we didn’t win that tournament.
As the season carried on, and it came to state time, we took fourth place and went home empty handed. Our team bonded as a team because we were playing very good together, and we started to have a lot of fun playing even if we were losing. Our team came out of that tournament as a whole new team. Then came the last games of the season, which ended up being another tournament. We won the first game, we won the second game, we also won the third, which means that we won the whole tournament!
. . .

The tryouts for the next season came along and I wanted to play CBC again so I went to the tryouts. The second day of tryouts they split the grade in half. They put most of the good players on one court and the others on a different court. I was put on the court with the people that I was better than, so I thought that since I was on this court, it meant that I didn't make any of the teams. While I still had a couple of good players on this court they were slowly moving their way over to the other court because the “judges” liked what they saw from them.
The next day at school all my friends were talking about the tryouts. I told them how I felt I did. They told me that I did great, that’s what all your friends say even if you did bad. I told them that I didn't think I’ll make it. They said you will easily make the “A” team”.
On Saturday, 5 o'clock pm, the results were on the website. I made the Cedarburg white “A” team. I called my friends but only one of them answered. I told him that he had made the “A” team, because he wasn’t next to a computer. And the season carried on since that day.
When I first started playing basketball, I knew I wanted to play for many years. That’s how I fell in love with basketball, which led to all of my accomplishments and to being a member of the Cedarburg Basketball Club “A” team.

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