January 23, 2013

His name is Zack, and for a brief time he made me the happiest girl in the world. He was one of those people that walked into my life and made me light up. From the instant I met him, I felt like he was my soul mate.

I met Zack downtown Austin during F1 weekend. Thousands of people had traveled from all over the world for the big race. Austin had just finished building the race car track. My friend Jamie and I knew we had to hit 6th street, the 21+ hangout spot of most Austenite’s. It was always crazy on Saturday nights, and with the influx of people we know it would be extra crazy. Jamie owned a business called rebellette’s, a nude paint modeling company. We got some race stripes painted on our breasts and headed downtown to 6th street. I was only seventeen at the time, and most of the bars are 21+, so I figured we had a slim chance of getting in anywhere. Luckily we were half naked and didn’t seem to have a problem getting in anywhere. We got a lot of attention from guys. There was one that stood out to me though. It was Zack. He had been eyeing me in a bar, and he eventually got up and talked to me. He was tall, sexy and I was drawn to him. He asked for my number, and I was of course a lady and gave it to him. He was most likely intoxicated, but he told me “I was the most beautiful girl, he had ever seen.” I guess my 17 year old self was a little naïve, I believed his line of bull. I left the bar and didn’t hear from Zack for weeks. I figured he had forgotten about me, until one night I got a text from him.

The author's comments:
I am writing a memoir, and this part od the chapter is weak. I would love some feedback

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