Myself the Writer

January 18, 2013
By APatterson4 BRONZE, Danville, Pennsylvania
APatterson4 BRONZE, Danville, Pennsylvania
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Myself the Writer

Letters…words…sentences…. thoughts…feelings… emotions. These are all things I use to put my thoughts on paper. I turn these ideas into paragraphs and finally my story is on the page. To make this happen, I use a notebook to record my thoughts. Pencil’s notebook to record my thoughts. Pencils help me tell my story. My passion adds emotion to the plot the story in complete.

Myself, The Friend

A lot of people can trust me as a friend. Most of my friends think that I’m a good listener because I listen to all their problems. People think I’m funny. When they are having a bad day I will come over, and cheer them up by cracking a good joke. I am a kind person who can keep a secret. My friends come to me with their problems or if they are having a bad day.

College, The Future and Me

My goal is to perform Broadway, to dance, and do theatre. I want to go to college, always want to fallow my dreams. Pittsburg or Penn State is my two choices to go. but I have chosen these things because they are major goals in life. I have been dancing ever since I was 3 years old. I am really happy with my Mom that she got me into my dancing career.

The Person that I Admire
The person that I admire the most is my grandmother. She gives me a lot of information likes to “always follow your dreams.” She tells me always enjoy life why your young. When Christmas is on the way I always enjoy making cookies with her. I love to go shopping with her.

Sports and Me

I love swimming. The most intense sport I have always had an hard times making it to districts. My favorite swim team is USA. I love to watch Michael Phelps swim. I have been swimming ever since sixth grade and I have always enjoyed it.

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