January 18, 2013
By Anonymous

I believe that we all make mistakes and end up learning from them. Everybody makes mistakes in this world. Not one person is perfect so therefore, along the line everyone is going to make a bad decision or do something they really think they should have. The biggest thing about making mistakes is learning from them, to not do the same thing again, and just gaining knowledge about something.
I have heard this phrase "we learn from our mistakes". I usually hear this saying alot from my parents. Well this time is different I've done nothing wrong; it’s my parents who've made the mistake. There wasn’t a thing I could have done about it at the time. I was young, just a child and my words didn’t mean a thing. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. When I was younger my little sister was adopted. My parents gave her up. My little sister’s name is Stajia. My parents decided to give her up when she was the age of 2. I was yet the age 3. My parents on the other hand yes they were young to, age? Yeah I’m not quite sure, but it was all just tragic.
I can only imagine what my little sister life could have been like those 15 years without knowing or ever hearing from her "real" family again. I bet she didn’t know what to think. She was told tons of stories from her foster care parents that were not all true. She grew up questioning herself, and others, asking "WHY"? There was nobody to blame but our parents, my mom and dad. Truth be told our mom and dad couldn’t take care all of us at the time. It was a struggle, so they had to do what was best, but as of today my mom and dad say that it was a total mistake and they've learned so much.

I was young when this happen and so were my mom and dad. They didn’t think things through all the way, they just sort of rushed through everything and gave my little sister up for adoption. As of today my little sister is still living with her foster care family, and they are taking such good care of her so I've heard. While we were young I and my older sister would get to get visitation hours and times to visit our little sister. It wouldn’t be a where major but like at McDonalds. That all didn’t pretty much matter, I was just happy we were together. The only thing is that my mom and dad wish they could have been the ones to raise her, take care of her like a mother and father should.
We havened heard or seen from my little sister in 15 years. All contacts were lost or destroyed. I have been looking and searching all over for her. I wouldn’t give up. I had faith that she was somewhere out here in this world, waiting to be found and claimed. I would always wish that one day my doorbell would ring, and just maybe it would be her. I thank God for the day we found her, and I didn’t want to have to loose her again, or make my little sister feel unwanted. They day we found my little were on Christmas Day, 2010. As you can see that wasn’t that quite long ago. We found her with access of face book. They day we finally all met up, was awkward, yet scary, but in the inside it was all love.
As of today my mom and dad try and spend as much as time possible with her, even though we have to sneak just to see her, and were not allowed to even see her. My parents would always say in their heads wants there with her "what was I thinking, to give up my flesh and blood, such beautiful precious daughter of mine. It was a mistake, and I’m sorry to say you had to be the one to go through it all."

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on Jan. 26 2013 at 2:39 pm
VeggieLoverForever BRONZE, Tarrytown, New York
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Good article, and it would be much improved if you fixed your grammar a bit.


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