Little Town Big Trouble

January 10, 2013
By MikahS BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
MikahS BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Living in the great big mountains was one of the best things in my life. Having a new little brother was one of the best things in my life. Hanging out with two of my best friends was one of the best things in my life. Leaving the mountains without part of my family and none of my friends was probably one of the worst things ever.

When I was about seven years old, I lived in the most beautiful place ever, Georgetown, a small but amazing town in the mountains. Full of interesting people and plenty of animals to gaze at. Georgetown feels very relaxing. Like rocking in a rocking chair on a warm evening.

I remember the nice sunny days of summer. I would go play with my friends Kyle and Kert.

One day we searched and searched until we found a huge wolf spider. We all stayed and probed at it for awhile, but the huge spider quickly shifted. we all jumped back. The spider was big and fierce as though it had been through many battles. All of a sudden it portrayed a movement through the boulders like a river flowing through the creases of river stone. We all were terrified the spider was half ninja half arachnid. We ran through the boulders like a flock of birds scattering from the crack of a gunshot. We had the sense of fear but awe at the same time.

This is an awesome summer. Everyday Kyle, Kert and I spent all day almost everyday outside having fun. Once we played outside, and we all gazed at the sun as it slowly descended from the warm sky.

“Don't you have to go inside soon?” asked Kyle
“it doesn't matter Kyle. Lets stay out a bit longer.” But what they couldn’t see was me gritting my teeth while I told them. I was nervous. I felt butterflies in my gut. I knew something strange was happening in the house.
“I think because I’m almost eight, we’ll be fine” I said
“Fine, Mikah, but if I get in trouble you better help me.” Kyle replyed
“Okay”. We played for another hour ,flying, on imaginary dragons, when finally I saw their mom at the window.
“Kyle, Kert come inside. What do you think you're doing out this late?”
“Bye you guys. See you tomorrow."
I slowly approached the big door hoping my dad and his girlfriend Jen won't be there towering over me. I walk in the big heavy door
“Please don't be there, please don't be there” I murmur to myself. Something is worse happens. I came into a fight fest there's more noise than a crowd raving fans. I scurried
into the most gut wrenching thing ever. my body shaking, I could feel goosebumps creeping up from my feet to my neck. Thoughts raced through my, head unable to process simple movement. I heard Jen slinging words I had never heard before. Bad ones too the kind that are slung around in an old saloon.
Then I looked and saw my little brother Django ,crying, a lot positioned against the kitchen wall. I approached him before
“What were you doing outside so late! what's the matter with you child!”
“Shut up you don’t talk back to me like this!”
That was definitely not my dads voice. It was Jens. I ran down to my sisters room with Django. My sister and I tried to help Django stop crying, but we couldn’t stop crying ourselves. I kept hearing yelling but not my dads voice. He just took it not even yelling back.
The next summer when I wanted to have fun Jen made me read a lot of books, and practice writing a ton, I hated it. That summer I barely saw Kyle and Kert. I heard more and more fights. My dad not even responding back.

One day Jen told me to watch Django. At the time I was only turning eight in october. I didn’t know how to take care of a two year old, I guess its time to learn. I watched him for a while because Jen had an online job selling organic oils. My dad worked at the mine at the time, so he got home late. I had to read some of the book I was assigned, so I started to read. Next thing I knew Django was choking on his toy. I didn’t know how to get it out, so I ran down the hall banging on Jens door, no answer, until
“Stop it!” roared Jen
She was on a business call. I ran back to Django. I didn’t want to hurt him so I started to pat, I hit harder. Jen heard the crying of Django and burst out of her room to see me hitting him
“What are you doing!” howled Jen
He spit it up. Django still crying while Jens yelling at me
“Why weren’t you watching him!”. Jen said in a whisper holding Django like a lion holds a cub
“I was just helping him!”
Tending to Django she, walked, away from me like I’m a monster.
Why was Jen so mad at me. I just saved his life, I just protected him from what lurks when you die.
Later that night my mom picked me up. It was time to go to her house. On the drive I told her all the stuff I’ve been holding back and she said
“ Who does she think she is, making my kids cry”.

On the long drive I thought about Django and how he hears Jen and my dad yelling at eachother. I don’t think he should have to go through that. When Jen yelled at me for helping him when he was choking, why would she do that. I saved his life. I decided if no one is going to protect him I will.

Going to my moms was awesome. I played and had fun. When it was time to go back I complained. I wish Jen wasn’t there why can’t dad just be there.

Somehow Jen knew about my top secret information.

I was enjoying myself watching scientists on TV try to recreate a woolly mammoth, from ones preserved and deceased body in ice. I was wondering why hasn’t anyone made dinner yet. I go up and hear them, talking, to each other angrily. Eavesdropping I heard my dad say
“ It’s not my fault they talk about you like that at their moms house. You shouldn’t make them do things they don’t want to!"

No one came to tell me to go to sleep. I ran upstairs to brush my teeth, and I still heard them arguing. I tucked myself in that night for the first time paranoid of the monsters that live in my closet, worried because no one had come slay them for me. Scared and worried for my dad, I fell asleep. The next morning it was silent. I go down stairs to my dad laying on the couch, I knew something was wrong. So I comforted him.

That night Jen took Django away from us to Alabama. I still worry about him and hope to contact him. We used to be able to talk to him. Its been a few years of no contact. All we have is a few pictures of him.

One of the things that makes me who I'am is my protection of my family and people I care about. When my mom meets someone I demand to know him because I Am worried for her. Or when he says hes going to get home later I worry that something is wrong. I think I’m just worried to lose more of the people I care about.

Who ever reads stay close to your family don't let them slip away. Remember this stay close to the people you care for like they are leaving the next day.

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