The Moonlit Cave

January 10, 2013
By Ian Ryan BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
Ian Ryan BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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The air was cold and harsh as it whipped my face, making howling noises as it went through the bare trees. The discolored, dead leaves cracked underneath the weight of my boots as I stepped through the forest. The only light to guide me was the full moon that appeared through spots in the clouds. My hands were trembling and numb, not sure if it was from the cold, or the childish fear that something may be lurking in the dark. As I got closer to the hill my heart started to pick up pace, I knew what might be over that hill and know I’m second guessing every setting off in the first place. Was uncovering the secret of the unknown really worth the risk? I began to climb the steady slope being careful where to place my feet for there was wickedly tangled roots all over from where years of erosion had washed away the soil. Getting ever so close to the top I began to smell the faint scent of mildew and stagnant water, the thought of what might be in there made my head go numb and my body gave a quick shiver.

I paused at the top of the hill to try and get a picture of my surroundings; all I could see was the forest stretch over the land and then fade into the darkness. I looked down the other side of the hill but the bottom was covered in a blanket of light fog mixed in with the night made it impossible to see. Standing there perfectly still in the dead of night, without even breathing, I could hear the echoing sound of a faint drip…drip…drip…The methodical sound filled with my head, how deep could it go to me making such an echo? I pressed down the hill, picking up my pace because I could have sworn I could hear leaves brushing and twigs snapping on the way up the hill, perhaps it was just my mind playing tricks on my already heightened nerves. The ominous black stone was now in sight, silhouetted by the gentle glow of the full moon. All of a sudden I knew for certain I was being followed. A loud twig snapped not 20 feet behind me and then a light yelp of a familiar voice made my eye brows raise. Followed after was a series of curse words I knew belonged to my friend John. He must have followed me out here when he saw the map lying on my bed from earlier today. A feeling of relief flowed over me for not only was the mysterious noise a friend, but also I would have someone else to accompany me on the journey. I stared into his eyes bright with worry, without saying a word he knew he shouldn’t have come. His gentle psyche may be too weak to handle what events may come from the abyss. He gave me a reassuring nod, saying he was ready to continue. The roaring tides in my stomach told me this was a bad idea but the journalist inside me told me I had to know the secret. We began to walk towards the cave, edging ever so carefully towards the mouth of the darkened monster. What could possibly be inside the belly of the beast? As we came closer a bitter taste came into my mouth, an earthy metal taste and I began to smell the unmistakable scent of something rotting. Was it just an animal who died in the woods, or was it something inside the cave that died from the dangers within? I had to find out.

We both knew what could possibly be in the cave. Legends and stories passed down from the local elders promised both treasure and riches like in the fairytales, but also unimaginable horrors so evil it would make the demons cringe in fear. The greatest mystery of all was how the cave appeared only on nights of a full moon. No one dares enter the cave for fear they might not be there when the sun rises. All I knew was that the secret of full moon cave was soon to be revealed, whether I would live to tell the tale was up to me.

The author's comments:
This was a piece made to create an atmosphere about an event that took place.

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