Kitty and Bitty

January 9, 2013
One or two years ago, we gave away my beloved Kit-Kat. Kit-Kat is a beautiful, eight-year-old tortoiseshell cat. When she was with us, she hated all but me. My room was her kingdom, her domain. She slept with me and loved to read with me. But she wasn’t happy. She was unhealthily skinny and stressed.

After seven years, my parents said that Kitty needed to go to new home, so she would be happy. It was ultimately my choice as to whether or not she left or stayed. I said that it would be best for Kitty if she left,but I was only going to place her in a home where I could go visit her, and her new owner was someone I knew. We searched for only a little while before we decided to give her to my friend Judi.

Kitty meowed the entire way, and had an accident in the carrier. The poor thing was scared to death. Once we got to Judi’s, we placed the carrier in a guest room and opened the front. After a while, she darted under the bed. Judi and I tried to lure her out, but failed. We settled for eating cookies and drinking apple cider in the room with Kitty. After a while, I of course had to go home. I didn’t see her for another year and a year and a half passed between that visit and the last. Last time I saw her she avoided me. I think she smelt our new cat.

Three months ago, my family got our dream cat. Davilyn named her Sweetie Pie because she’s so sweet. Nowadays, we just call her Bitty, or at least I do. Bitty is part ragamuffin, so except for when she’s mad or playful, she’ll melt into your arms, especially if you have her favorite blanket covering you. She loves her blanket so much because its very soft, so it reminds her on her mom. You see, my uncle found her and took her in. But he wasn’t allowed to keep her, so my family took Sweetie in. She was never weaned by her mom, and because of that she nurses on blankets, as do all cats do if they were seperated from their mom early.

When she’s not sleeping, Bitty is playing with her toys and littermates, otherwise known as Davilyn and Safia. Davy and Fia love chasing and being chased by Bitty, as well as pushing her in a baby doll stroller and dragging or throwing cat toys for Bitty to attack. Bitty loves riding in the stroller and doing flips in the air as she jumps to attack her bunny on a stick.

A few of Bitty’s unique quirks are unrolling the toilet paper, eating paper, tearing paper, nursing on soft blankets and jackets, and using the tub as a litter box. After she uses the tub, we disinfect both the tub and the cats paws. So both the cat and the tub get nice cleanings every day. That’s my least favorite quirk of hers. My favorite quirk is her nursing on blankets. Of course, it is very sad that she was separated from her mom early, but it also means that she’ll always be like a kitten.

In the past two or three weeks, Bitty has started going outside whenever she pleases, unless it’s after dark. She always stays on our property so she can check on us periodically. When we’re outside with her she tends to venture into our neighbor’s yards, so we keep an eye on her when we’re outside too. When she wants to come back inside she climbs up the screen door, and if no one hears immediately she waits under the bush next to the front door. When it’s cold outside she’ll climb up and down the screen door and once she even climbed to the top and was trying to pry the door open from there. She really hates the cold!

We all love Bitty. She has the most personality a cat has ever had, she’s soft, sweet, gentle, playful, loving, and best and most important of all, she’s ours.

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